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About Scottsdale Water

Scottsdale Water has been providing quality drinking water and advanced reclamation services to Scottsdale businesses and residents for more than 50 years. The division operates like a business and is a financially self-supporting municipal utility. City Council guides the division’s authority and responsibility through resolutions and ordinances.

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In 2022, Scottsdale Water delivered more than 68 million gallons of safe, reliable drinking water every day to its customers. Our staff works around the clock to ensure your drinking water surpasses all federal, state and local water quality regulations. In fact, water from your tap must pass much more stringent standards than bottled water.

Our service area covers 185 square miles with over 93,000 active water accounts, about 90 percent of which are residential accounts, and approximately 83,000 active sewer accounts. We maintain more than 2,100 miles of water pipes and mains that bring water to your home each day and over 11,000 fire hydrants to ensure your safety.

Scottsdale Water has a long history of thinking and acting strategically with its water resources. We were the first Arizona water utility to implement indirect potable reuse with the Advanced Water
 Treatment facility located at the award-winning Water Campus. The AWT is one of the largest and most sophisticated indirect potable reuse facilities in the world and, in 2019, became the third plant in the nation and the first in Arizona to be permitted for direct potable reuse. Scottsdale’s reclamation system has approximately 1,500 miles of sewer collection lines and over 40 lift stations.

Through extensive and innovative groundwater recharge practices, a diverse water supply portfolio and a commitment to promoting conservation, Scottsdale Water is ensuring safe, reliable drinking water for you now and in the future.

Brian Biesemeyer

Executive Director
Scottsdale Water 

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