Juvenile Division

A juvenile is considered to be any individual who is under the age of eighteen years. All juvenile civil traffic violations are treated in the same manner with the same penalties as an adult civil traffic violation

Any other juvenile offenses handled by the Scottsdale City Court are heard every Monday at 3:00 p.m. in Courtroom #2. 

A parent or legal guardian must be present at ALL court appearances.

If a juvenile fails to appear, or fails to comply with any court order, the court will direct the Arizona Motor Vehicle Department to suspend the juvenile's driver license or driving privilege until they have satisfied the court or until their eighteenth birthday, whichever comes first.  

The Scottsdale City Court can hear the following charges for juveniles:  

  • All civil charges 
  • Title 28 violations, not declared to be a felony 
  • Purchase, possession or consumption of spirituous liquor by a juvenile 
  • Boating or game and fish violations 
  • Curfew 
  • Truancy 
  • Damage or disfigurement of property by graffiti or the purchase or possession of materials with the intent to use the materials for graffiti 
  • Purchase or possession of tobacco or tobacco paraphernalia
  • Violations of any city, town, or political subdivision ordinances 
  • Interference with judicial proceedings involving disobeying or resisting the lawful order, process, or other mandate of a juvenile hearing officer or failure to appear related to any offense in A.R.S. 8-323links to external site 

Any other charge filed with the Scottsdale City Court will be dismissed and may be re-filed through Maricopa County Juvenile Court.

At a juvenile non-civil traffic arraignment, the juvenile will be set for a future pre-trial date if the juvenile does not admit responsibility. If an admission of responsibility is entered, a juvenile hearing officer may do any of the following:  

  • Sentence to a Diversion Program with the City Prosecutor's Office
  • Order Community Service Hours 
  • Suspend Driver License 
  • Assess a monetary fine 
  • Order Traffic Survival School 
  • Order Defensive Driving School 
  • Order Educational Classes
  • Assign unsupervised probation 
  • Transfer to Maricopa County Juvenile Court for further sentencing 

At the time the juvenile turns 18, the juvenile reaches the age of majority. Any unadjudicated juvenile's case is reviewed and transferred to adult court. The case is then considered as an adult criminal case and handled like any other adult case.  

Scottsdale Curfew Law (7 days a week) 

15 years and under - 10:00 p.m.   
16 and 17 years - 12:00 a.m.   

Exceptions: Accompanied by parent or legal guardian; necessary for work, including going to or returning from work (prior permission by parent or guardian); any reasonable, legitimate and specific business or activity, with permission by parent or guardian.  

Citywide Park Curfew 

10:30 p.m. (all ages)  

Scottsdale Youth and Family Services 
4201 North Hayden Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85251 

Maricopa County Juvenile Courtlinks to external site 
Juvenile Court Center - Southeast
1810 South Lewis
Mesa, Arizona 85210-6234 

P: 602-506-2663
F: 602-372-6120




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