For over a decade, the city of Scottsdale's on-site and off-site development provisions have been contained within one body of work titled the Design Standards and Policies Manual (DSPM). The provisions contained within the DSPM are a direct reflection of the development and infrastructure related policies and governances established by City Council. As these policies are updated by Council, so too is the related DSPM content. Through the provisions of the City's Land Division code, City Code Chapter 48, the Development Review Board (DRB) is identified as the adoptive authority over the DSPM.

This manual consists of twelve chapters which are as follows: site planning, land divisions, grading and drainage, transportation, water, wastewater, streetscapes, parks and trails, public works, native plants, fire, and disability access.

2018 DSPM

The DSPM was crafted in its current format in 2007, and updated in 2008 and 2009. On Jan. 18, 2018 the Design Review Board approved the 2018 updates to the DSPM. The 2018 updates became effective Feb. 20, 2018 with the final 2018 DSPM available through the link below.

2018 DSPM (PDF)

2023 DSPM Technical Bulletin 

In response to National Flood Insurance Program mandate, the city of Scottsdale staff has modified it's Standard Operating Procedure for Substantial Improvements determination and implication, along with one associated worksheet, contained within DSPM Section #4-1.103.

2023 DSPM Technical Bulletin (PDF)

Become an External DSPM Update Stakeholder

City of Scottsdale citizen and stakeholder feedback is valued throughout the DSPM update process.

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