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Scottsdale Water receives nation’s top utility management award
Scottsdale Water recognized for commitment to management that achieves a balance of innovative and successful efforts in areas of economic, social and environmental endeavors.
2018 Major General Plan Amendment case withdrawn
The Lone Mountain Self Storage requests for a Major General Plan Amendment and Zoning District Map Amendment (2-GP-2018 and 8-ZN-2018) have been withdrawn by the applicant.
Scottsdale credit rating continues at the highest level
The city of Scottsdale’s General Obligation debt is rated AAA according to three separate agencies, making the city one of just 30 in the United States to earn the distinction.
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Whether it's a broken streetlight, a fresh pothole or a missing trash can, a new online service is making it easier for residents to report problems with city facilities or services.

Scottsdale EZ is a single, mobile-optimized system that lets you quickly report issues and provides the city with a consolidated tracking and reporting system.

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