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Scottsdale’s special events season revs up this month
Tis the season! Not that one – we survived the December holidays, now it's on to another special season. Welcome to Scottsdale's events season, which runs through the spring.
Bike and scooter ordinance changes take effect in Scottsdale
Changes to Scottsdale’s bicycle ordinance that address parking and operating impacts of the increasingly popular bike-share and electric scooters are in effect.
Scottsdale launches citizen survey
Some Scottsdale residents have been randomly selected to participate in a survey to measure their views on the community, city programs and services.
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Residential Holiday Collection Schedule

Changes in collection day only occurs on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year's Day. During the rest of the holidays, Scottsdale Solid Waste staff will be working to collect your trash and recycling as regularly scheduled.

Christmas Tree Round-up

Beginning Saturday, Jan. 5th and ending Sunday, Jan. 13th, the City is offering two ways for you to dispose of your unwanted live Christmas trees or wreaths.

Scottsdale EZ

Whether it's a broken streetlight, a fresh pothole or a missing trash can, a new online service is making it easier for residents to report problems with city facilities or services.

Scottsdale EZ is a single, mobile-optimized system that lets you quickly report issues and provides the city with a consolidated tracking and reporting system.

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