Commercial IgCC Green Construction Code

Scottsdale City Council adopted the 2015 suite of building codes including the International Green Construction Code (IgCC) with an effective date of Jan. 1, 2017. The IgCC is mandatory when stipulated as part of the planning approval process for zoning bonuses including floor area, building height and density. Otherwise the IgCC serves as a compliance mechanism for the city’s voluntary Commercial Green Building Program.

The IgCC makes it easier for developers of commercial and multi-family projects to be green designated by addressing:

  • mitigation of summer heat island effect
  • transportation impact mitigation
  • resource efficient building materials
  • energy efficiency for building envelope, mechanical equipment and lighting systems
  • renewable energy systems
  • water efficient plumbing systems
  • indoor material emissions and pollutant control
  • daylighting for libraries, schools, offices, warehouses, retail areas 10,000 square feet or greater
  • building commissioning for proper installation, effective operation and functional performance of building systems  

Scottsdale’s Green Building Program Manager Anthony Floyd says, “The IgCC integrates green building into the building code permit process while providing a building industry-wide framework for uniform baseline measures.” He adds that it also offers an alternative way for buildings to become green designated, thus boosting resource savings, productivity and the environmental benefits of green commercial developments at a wider scale. 

Established in 1998, Scottsdale’s residential Green Building Program was the first in the state and the fifth in the nation. Since then, the city has issued over 1,400 green building permits. The city established a commercial component in 2001 with over 50 permits issued to date including IgCC compliant projects.

In 2005, the city adopted the nation’s first LEED Gold policy for newly constructed and renovated public facilities. LEED is a national multi-level green building rating program administered by the Green Building Certification Institute. Scottsdale has committed to the LEED certification process to ensure the objectivity of a third-party verification process for public facilities and considers LEED Silver, Gold and Platinum level certified buildings as meeting or exceeding the provisions of the IgCC. As a market-based rating program, LEED provides an independent avenue for achieving higher performance thresholds, whereas the IgCC is designed to provide minimum baseline performance measures that are administered by the local jurisdiction. 

Use the following documents and resources for achieving compliance with Scottsdale’s Commercial Green Construction Code (IgCC):

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