Special Assessments / Improvement Districts

Current Special Assessment: I-6002 – Underground Utility Improvement District

Arizona Public Service (APS) in an effort to improve electric system reliability planned to construct a new 69kV power line located north of Raintree Drive and 90th Street. Owners of real property along the north end of the APS project formed an improvement district to underground instead of overhead the power lines. Design and construction costs of undergrounding the power lines were distributed to members based on an approved assessment methodology. The initial assessment of properties in this district was recorded on March 28, 2017, and final actual construction costs were recorded on February 20, 2018. Property owners had the option of paying their share up front or financing it over 15 years.

The following City of Scottsdale Special Assessments / Improvement District Assessments have been paid in full:

094 - Old Scottsdale/West Main
095 - Fifth Ave/Marshall
096 - Section 31 T5N R5E Water
097 - Pinnacle Vista
098 - North Area Water
099 - Adobe/Miller
100 - Craftsman Court
101 - Bell Road
102 - Desert Ranch Water Acquisition
103 - Desert Ranch Infrastructure
104 - Underground Utility (I-6001)
105 - Pima Acres Paving & Drainage
106 - Bell Road II