Keep yourself from needing emergency medical care by taking ample water, a map, phone and wearing sturdy footwear, hat and sunscreen.

Rattlesnakes are very active this time of year. Stay on the trail at all times and stay alert.

Pinnacle Peak Park

Park Features

    Park Information

    26802 N. 102nd Way
    Scottsdale, AZ 85262


    Park Contact:
    Dave Myers
    Natural Resources Supervisor
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    Quick Facts

    Park Size150-acres
    Trail Length2 miles (one way)
    Cum. Elevation Gain1,300'
    Highest Trail Point2,889'
    Lowest Trail Point2,366'
    Trailhead Elevation2,570'


    Questions about Pinnacle Peak Park? Read the FAQ.

    Events & Activities

    Interpretive tours, moonlight walks, astronomy talks and more! See list of all events & activities.

    Camera on a tripod capturing a full moon over a rugged landscape at twilight.

    Safety and Rules

    Hiker safety is our highest priority. Please take a moment and read our rules on how to stay safe while out on the trail.

    Hiking with your dog and biking are not allowed on the trail. These activities are permitted at the nearby Brown's Ranch Trailhead.

    Rock Climbing

    Experienced rock climbers with appropriate gear are permitted in three areas of the park with a variety of routes and skill levels. Slacklining is prohibited. Contact the park office for more details at 480-312-0990.


    Do you want to be a steward and protect our beautiful Sonoran Desert? Do you want to share your knowledge of our special environment? If yes, then Pinnacle Peak has a variety of volunteer opportunities available to you.

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