Sustainable Scottsdale

Scottsdale has long been recognized as an environmental leader and continually seeks ways to be more environmentally conscious. From protecting over 30,500 acres of desert to operating one of the world’s most sophisticated water recycling facilities, along with adopting and enforcing numerous green policies citywide - Scottsdale prides itself on integrating bold innovative eco-friendly concepts.

The City of Scottsdale is committed to enhancing the lives of its residents and effectively managing model conservation efforts to protect valuable resources for future generations. Read more about ongoing Sustainable Scottsdale initiatives and how you can be part of the solution.

Current Projects:

Heat Mitigation Plan

Heat remains to be one of our region’s top sustainability challenges, with far-reaching impacts on our community's health, infrastructure, environment and economic well-being. In 2020, Scottsdale partnered with Arizona State University to assess patterns of urban heat in the city Scottsdale and identify promising cool strategies. Learn more about the Cooler Scottsdale Study and the progress on Scottsdales first Heat Mitigation Plan.

Sustainability Plan

As part of our commitment to be more sustainable, build creative solutions and solve environmental challenges, the city of Scottsdale is crafting its first .


Scottsdale saved more than 38 million gallons of water in 2022
The city of Scottsdale reduced municipal water use by 38 million gallons in 2022, following-through on a commitment made last January in the face of worsening drought in the Colorado River basin.
Scottsdale hosts ‘Living With Urban Wildlife’ presentations
The Scottsdale Public Library will host Darren Julian, Urban Wildlife Specialist, and Officer Debra Groves, Wildlife Manager at two presentations where they will share what attracts wildlife, how to live with wildlife in our neighborhoods and how to reduce human-wildlife conflicts.
Right Tree, Right Place program keeps Scottsdale safe and shaded
The city of Scottsdale is partnering with SRP to remove approximately 130 trees dangerously encroaching on powerlines. Trees more suitable for the respective areas will replace those removed at a ratio of three new trees for each removed.
Identifying strategies for a cooler Scottsdale
Scottsdale City Council will discuss the development of the city’s first Heat Mitigation Plan at a council work session on Sept. 13, along with details about the Scottsdale Sustainability Plan 2022.
Scottsdale City Council approves 2022 Transportation Action Plan
The plan is focused on flexible transportation planning, implementing new technology and investing in existing infrastructure.

Earth and Arbor Day 2021


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