Sustainable Scottsdale

Scottsdale has long been recognized as an environmental leader and continually seeks ways to be more environmentally conscious. From protecting over 30,500 acres of desert to operating one of the world’s most sophisticated water recycling facilities, along with adopting and enforcing numerous green policies citywide - Scottsdale prides itself on integrating bold innovative eco-friendly concepts.

The City of Scottsdale is committed to enhancing the lives of its residents and effectively managing model conservation efforts to protect valuable resources for future generations. Read more about ongoing Sustainable Scottsdale initiatives and how you can be part of the solution.

Current Projects:

Sustainability Plan

As part of our commitment to be more sustainable, build creative solutions and solve environmental challenges, the city of Scottsdale is crafting its first community sustainability plan.

Heat Mitigation Plan

Heat remains one of our region’s top sustainability challenges, with far-reaching impacts on our community's health, infrastructure, environment and economic well-being. In 2020, Scottsdale partnered with Arizona State University to assess patterns of urban heat in the city Scottsdale and identify promising cool strategies. Learn more about the Cooler Scottsdale Study and the progress on Scottsdale's first Heat Mitigation Plan.

Shade and Tree Plan

The Scottsdale Shade & Tree Plan endeavors to cultivate a cooler, more vibrant cityscape, enriching the lives of residents and visitors alike through a strategic focus on urban structured shade and urban forestry. Inspired by a collective vision shared by the City Council and Scottsdale's diverse community, this initiative aims to enhance the urban canopy, promote environmental resilience, and mitigate the urban heat island effect, fostering a healthier, more livable city for generations to come.


Scottsdale Earth Week celebrates city’s commitment to sustainable future
From volunteer road cleanups and guided nature walks in our beautiful preserve, to an edible garden and green building presentations, Scottsdale has a full line-up of events for everyone looking to recognize our planet.
Scottsdale City Council to delve into key sustainability priorities
The March 19 session will concentrate on the remaining priorities of energy, waste and extreme heat.
Explore soil regeneration as a solution to climate change in documentary screening
"Kiss the Ground,” a documentary that unpacks how the Earth's soil may be the key to combating climate change and preserving the planet, is coming to Scottsdale Thursday, Feb. 8.
Scottsdale relaunches sustainability awards
With environmental stewardship at the forefront, the city is relaunching its Sustainable Scottsdale Awards Program – an initiative that celebrates outstanding contributions to sustainability and environmental stewardship within the Scottsdale community.
Scottsdale City Council begins examining draft sustainability plan
Scottsdale is making strides toward a more sustainable, resilient and thriving future by developing its Community Sustainability Plan, a commitment outlined in the city's 2021 and 2022 Organization Strategic Plans, and an integral part of the city’s 2035 General Plan.
Federal government declares tier one for Colorado River in 2024; Scottsdale continues conservation efforts
The Bureau of Reclamation announced this week that the Colorado River system will be in a tier one water shortage for calendar year 2024. The change comes after an abnormally wet winter during 2023, where water levels eased throughout the Colorado River basin.

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