Water is one of many operating costs for any business that provides or distributes a product or service, whether it be a hotel, restaurant, grocery store, medical facility or office building. Scottsdale Water provides valuable resources designed to help commercial water customers improve water efficiency and save money. Resources include indoor water audits, rebates and landscape consultations.

Request a Free Indoor Water Audit

Scottsdale's Commercial Water Audit Program started in 2018 and has helped 48 businesses and community partners identify over 120 million gallons of water savings for a combined total of more than $1 million in water and sewer costs. The audit focuses on indoor water use and reviews outdoor water use. A free landscape consultation may be recommended in addition to the indoor water audit.

Request a Free Indoor Water Audit

Why should I request an audit?

  • To cut costs: One resort in Scottsdale found a leak in a water feature and saved 1.3 million gallons of water and more than $9,000 per year.
  • To save energy: Water and energy are connected and by reducing your water use, you also reduce your energy use. According to the Arizona Department of Water Resources, a restaurant’s switch to a water-efficient pre-rinse spray valve can save $180 in energy costs annually per pre-rinse spray valve.
  • For planning purposes: Once you discover how much water can be saved, you’ll decide when to complete repairs or replace water-using equipment. Some changes make sense when coupled with future renovation projects.
  • Be a steward of the desert: Water is a valuable community resource and added efficiencies in your business ensure you're doing your part to support the future of your community.
  • Be a leader: According to a 2018 Shelton Group Report, 86% of consumers want companies to support social issues and what better way than to support water conservation in the local community?

What does the free audit process look like?

  1. Request an audit
  2. Scheduling and pre-audit questionnaire - A city representative will contact you to schedule the audit and send you a pre-audit questionnaire regarding your water-using fixtures.
  3. Site Audit - City staff and an auditor will review the pre-audit questionnaire, then walk through the property with your facility staff.
  4. Audit Analysis - City staff will compile appropriate facility site and water metering information and analyze historic water use to help contextualize water usage and develop recommendations.
  5. Final Report with cost savings estimates - The facility will be given a report on findings from the audit as well as recommendations for increasing water efficiency within the facility and operations. Depending on the recommendations, the city can provide incentives in the form of rebates to replace toilets, urinals, showerheads, irrigation controllers or remove grass or water softeners.
  6. Follow Up - Approximately six months after the site audit is completed, city staff will contact you for feedback and to explore any newly available resources.

Audit Case Studies

Large Medical Facility
One audit revealed a medical sterilizer leak with a calculated savings of 1,776,528 gallons of water per year with an estimated annual cost savings of $11,867 in water and sewer fees and a payback of just over seven months. This sterilizer was fixed the following day by facility staff.
Large Resort Hotel
Another audit revealed a savings potential for replacing old toilets at 1,134,420 gallons of water per year with an estimated annual cost savings of $7,816 in water and sewer fees. Additionally, this resort received a rebate of $7,500 for the installation of new WaterSense labeled toilets.

Rebates for Commercial Customers

Rebate programs encourage the installation of water-efficient plumbing fixtures and low-water-use landscapes. Currently, Scottsdale Water offers rebates for the removal of grass and water softeners as well as the installation of WaterSense labeled irrigation controllers, showerheads, toilets and urinals. To qualify for a rebate the applicant must comply with the procedures in the most current rebate application form available from Scottsdale Water's Conservation Office.

“Want Water” Free Table Tents for Restaurants

If you serve food at your business, consider displaying water conservation messaging to engage your patrons. We offer table tents in English and Spanish that serve as a helpful reminder that each glass of water has an impact on water usage and encourages customers to be more mindful when ordering beverages.

Free Landscape Consultation and Landscape Water Budget

Appropriately watered and well-maintained landscapes can provide shade and beauty to give your business curb appeal and encourage consumers to patronize your facility.

During a landscape consultation, we’ll discuss a variety of topics including plant care and selection, irrigation system health and water budgets. After the consultation you may receive a site-specific water budget to help you efficiently manage your landscape water use and your water bill.

Learn how to save water and money by:

  • Forgoing a winter lawn
  • Removing turf
  • Preserving asphalt
  • Maintaining irrigation infrastructure

Request a landscape consultation

Landscape Considerations for Businesses

Consider hiring landscapers who have completed Smartscape training. You may even want to have a member of your team certified if you manage your own property's landscape.

Consider hiring Certified Sustainable Landscape Management Professionals and/or Arizona Certified Landscape Professionals. Visit the Arizona Landscape Contractors Association for more information.

Last Updated: Jul 3, 2024

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