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NOVEMBER 5, 2019 


The City of Scottsdale, Arizona (the “City”), will hold a Special Election, on Tuesday, November 5, 2019, to seek approval for the issuance of bonds for parks, recreation, and senior services; community spaces and infrastructure; and public safety and technology in the principal amount up to $319,000,000. The estimated average annual tax rate for the proposed bond authorization is $ 0.2877 per $100 of limited assessed valuation used for secondary property tax purposes.

Bond Question 1 seeks voter authorization to sell up to $112,600,000 general obligation bonds for parks, recreation, and senior services.

Bond Question 2 seeks voter authorization to sell up to $112,300,000 general obligation bonds for community spaces and infrastructure.

Bond Question 3 seeks voter authorization to sell up to $94,100,000 general obligation bonds for public safety and technology. Ballot language for Questions 1 through 3 is available in the City Clerk’s Office and on the Internet:

Ballot Language

Questions 1 through 3 will be presented to the qualified voters of the City in an informational pamphlet. The pamphlet will be mailed to the households of all registered voters on or before Tuesday, October 1, 2019.

A Spanish version of the pamphlet will be available online (www.scottsdaleaz.gov/elections/espanol) and at the following Scottsdale locations beginning October 1, 2019:

  • Scottsdale City Clerk’s Office, 3939 North Drinkwater Boulevard 480-312-2488 (Spanish), or 480-312-2411 (English)
  • Paiute Neighborhood Center, 6535 East Osborn Road 480-312-2529
  • Vista del Camino Community Center, 7700 East Roosevelt Street 480-312-2330
  • Appaloosa Library, 7377 East Silverstone Drive 480-312-7323
  • Arabian Library, 10215 East McDowell Mountain Ranch Road 480-312-7323
  • Civic Center Library, 3839 North Drinkwater Boulevard 480-312-7323
  • Mustang Library, 10101 North 90th Street 480-312-7323
  • Palomino Library, 12575 East Via Linda 480-312-7323

To have a Spanish or large print version of the pamphlet mailed to you, call 480-312-2488 (Spanish) or 480-312-2411 (English), or write to the Scottsdale City Clerk’s Office at the address below. Bonds issued pursuant to Questions 1 through 3 will result in a property tax increase sufficient to pay annual debt service on the bonds issued.

Arguments “for” or “against” one or more of the bond questions may be submitted for publication in the pamphlet. Each argument shall not exceed 300 words in length and shall contain the sworn statement of each person sponsoring it. If the argument is sponsored by an organization, the sworn statements of two executive officers are required. If the argument is sponsored by a political committee, the sworn statement of the committee’s chair or treasurer is required. Persons signing shall also identify themselves by giving their residence or post office address and a telephone number, which shall not appear in the pamphlet. With each argument supporting or opposing any question, one hundred dollars ($100.00) shall be deposited with the City Clerk for a proportionate cost of the purchase of the paper and the printing of the argument.

Arguments must be submitted by 5:00 p.m., Wednesday, August 7, 2019, at the following location:

Scottsdale City Clerk’s Office, 3939 N. Drinkwater Boulevard, Scottsdale, Arizona 85251

For more information, please call the Scottsdale City Clerk at 480-312-2411

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