Scottsdale Smart City Initiative

Scottsdale's Smart City Initiative is focused on combining traditional infrastructure such as roads and buildings, with technology to enrich people's lives. The initiative strives to engage with people in our community about the use of smart city solutions to solve community challenges,  improve the quality of life and enhance interactions with the city. 

Scottsdale smart cities workshop generated conversation and ideas

As a 2022 Smart Cities Readiness Challenge winner, Scottsdale hosted the Smart Cities Council along with more than 50 industry professionals, city staff and residents for a “Scaling Citizen Engagement Readiness Challenge Workshop”. The April 6 workshop included data and solutions presentations from local and international experts and offered an opportunity for interaction and input in a brainstorming session. A complementary comparative analysis with other world-class innovation districts was provided by the Smart Cities Council. The analysis evaluated SkySong and Old Town based on five indicators of successful innovation districts: volume, character, variety, vitality and relevance. Building upon the City of Scottsdale Smart City Strategic Roadmap, potential projects were identified for the Old Town and SkySong areas involving sound mitigation, wayfinding, sustainability, public safety and economic development. There will be an additional workshop in the fall.

Workshop slide decks (PDF):

Contact Brent Stockwell, Assistant City Manager, 480-312-7288.

Smart City Strategic Roadmap

In a process that started in November 2019, the city engaged residents and businesses through a series of community workshops, business and stakeholder interviews, and research to create a Smart City Roadmap. This roadmap was accepted by the City Council in April 2021. It creates a framework for informed decision making and is a guide for future Scottsdale smart city efforts.

Contact Josh Utterback, Economic Development Program Manager, 480-312-7057.

Digital Privacy

The city has an administrative regulation on digital privacy to safeguard the public's trust in the city's use of new and emerging technologies and to protect their digital privacy rights. The policy strives, to the extent practicable, to enable residents to determine for themselves when, how and to what extent information about them is communicated to others. The policy outlines several privacy principles, including notice, retention, minimization, accountability, accuracy, sharing and equity.

Contact Bianca Lochner, Chief Information Officer, 480-312-7615.

The Connective

Scottsdale is a member of The Connective Smart Region Consortium, a group of public, private, university, and community partners seeking to empower Greater Phoenix communities to build the nation's largest, most connected, smart region, developing and deploying technology scalable solutions rooted in connectivity, mobility, equity, and sustainability. Assistant City Manager Brent Stockwell and Economic Development Program Manager Josh Utterback participate in The Connective's Leadership Council.

Contact Brent Stockwell, Assistant City Manager, 480-312-7288.

Smart City News

Identifying strategies for a cooler Scottsdale
Scottsdale City Council will discuss the development of the city’s first Heat Mitigation Plan at a council work session on Sept. 13, along with details about the Scottsdale Sustainability Plan 2022.
One Water Brewing Showcase
This one-of-a-kind event brings Scottsdale residents and visitors a chance to participate in the world’s first showcase featuring beer made exclusively with ultra-purified, recycled water from Scottsdale’s Advance Water Treatment Plant.
Scottsdale City Council approves 2022 Transportation Action Plan
The plan is focused on flexible transportation planning, implementing new technology and investing in existing infrastructure.
Scottsdale promotes openness, transparency and accountability with 50 publicly available datasets

Have you ever wondered how many Scottsdale households have internet access compared to neighboring communities? Check out this map using free, open-source data from Esri and Scottsdale’s geographical information system. The darker and larger the symbol, the greater the number of households without internet access. See what else you can learn!