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  • Report Potholes
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As roadways deteriorate, the likelihood of potholes, cracks, and other road imperfections, that affect driving conditions, increases. To help ensure smoother, safer driving conditions, the city administers a proactive pavement maintenance program, including:

  • Street Sweeping
  • Pothole patching
  • ADA ramp construction
  • Crack Fill treatment
  • Micro Seal resurfacing application
  • Road Hot Mix Asphalt Mill & Overlay
  • 5-Year Paving Plan

Street Sweeping

City street sweepers clean-up 26,000 miles of city-maintained roads and multiuse paths per year, about 35 miles per day. Street sweepers use regenerative air systems which means the equipment does not release polluted air or debris into the atmosphere. Street sweeping improves air quality and overall roadway safety for automobiles, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Street Sweeping Cycle

Arterial (major) streets = Two times a month
Local (neighborhood) streets = Once a month
Multiuse paths = Once a month

Pothole Patching

To request pothole patching please submit a request online via the Scottsdale EZ portal. A repair work order will be created within 48 hours of your request.

ADA Ramp Construction

ADA improvements are included in all street improvement, pavement maintenance, and developer-driven projects. Scottsdale’s Pavement Management staff evaluates, upgrades and constructs ADA infrastructure as part of each paving project. In 2022 the city paved 98 miles of roadway, including 780 new and upgraded ADA ramps along sidewalks and roads.

Crack Fill

Crack fill treatments are an important part of the paving maintenance regimen. While most consider crack fill to be unsightly, the material is cost-effective and helps prevent moisture from penetrating cracks in asphalt and damaging the road foundation. Crack filling is typically a pre-treatment to a micro seal application which provides a smooth roadway with a consistent finish.

Micro Seal

A micro seal coating helps extend the life of asphalt streets when only the road surface requires attention. The product is ideal for roadways with intact foundations and delays the need for costly reconstruction. Treated roadways provide a smoother and safer ride for vehicles and enhanced curb appeal for homeowners.

Micro seal surfaces are typically open to foot traffic within a half hour after application and vehicular traffic within eight hours of application. Project areas and boundaries determine road restrictions associated with the construction. Micro seal material cures best in cooler temperatures and is applied annually in the spring and fall.

View Micro Seal Flyer (PDF)

Road Hot Mix Asphalt

Road Resurfacing also known as Mill & Overlay is the most extensive approach to maintenance and is also the most expensive. This technique is typically used when road surfaces have reached their end of life and preventative treatments are no longer beneficial.

The process includes grinding up and removing the top layer of asphalt and road preparation and repair before placing a new layer of asphalt or hot mix onto the roadbed. The asphalt cures quickly and is typically ready for foot traffic in only a few hours and ready for vehicular traffic in 24 hours. Project areas and boundaries determine road closures and restrictions associated with the construction.

5-Year Paving Plan

Scottsdale’s Pavement Preservation program repairs and paves streets throughout the city based on a Five-Year Paving Plan . The plan prioritizes streets with the lowest pavement condition index scores and helps determine the best pavement option for the roadway: micro seal application or hot-mix asphalt pavement. The city’s Five-year plan is subject to change and may be adjusted to accommodate repairs to storm-damaged roads, emergency roadway conditions and subsequent budget and staffing constraints. Please contact the city’s Pavement Manager, with any questions about Scottsdale’s pavement preservation program.

View 5-Year Paving Plan (PDF)

Work Hours

Work is typically scheduled on weekdays only between the hours of 5 a.m. and 5 p.m. Weekend work will be scheduled if needed.

Traffic Restrictions

Streets are typically reduced to one lane in each direction during project work hours. Business Access signs will be posted during construction. Please use caution when traveling near work zones, follow detour signs and plan ahead to avoid delays.


The city’s pavement maintenance program is funded by the Transportation sales tax.

Last Updated: Jun 30, 2024

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