Dog Parks

Vista del Camino's dog park will be closed May 11, 2023 for maintenance.

Come out and enjoy one of three dog parks throughout Scottsdale. Feel free to bring your own portable chairs and your dog's favorite toys. Plenty of open space, shade and dog water fountains are at every location.

Chaparral Dog Park

Chaparral Dog ParkScottsdale's most popular dog park includes 3-acres of grass, benches, play features and water fountains.

Specialized Areas

The dog park is divided into three specialized areas:

  • Two areas will be open the majority of the time with one area designated for active dogs and another for passive dogs.
  • The third area (on rotation) will be closed for maintenance and turf repair.

Maintenance schedule

Every Tuesday and Friday | 8 a.m. - noon

Horizon Dog Park

This small dog park is located in a retention basin on the far west end of Horizon Park. It has a large shade structure, a water fountain for you and your dog, and a water feature to control the dust. This area of the park is prone to flooding after a storm.   

Maintenance schedule

Every Monday and Thursday | 9 a.m. - noon


Vista del Camino Dog Park 

This half-acre dog park has plenty of shade trees, benches and water fountains for you and your dog to enjoy. Parking is available off of Pierce Street links to external site , just north of McKellips Road. The dog park is just north of this parking area.

Dog Park Rules

  • Owners or custodians of a dog are responsible and legally liable for the acts and conduct of the dog at all times when the dog is in a city park.
  • Dog behavior can be unpredictable particularly around other dogs and strangers.
  • The city does not supervise use of the dog park and anyone using the area does so at his/her own risk.
  • No more than two dogs per visitor.
  • An adult must accompany youth under the age of 16.
  • Bag and dispose of your pet’s waste using canisters provided.
  • Aggressive or anti-social behaving dogs must be removed from the park immediately.
  • All dog attacks should be immediately reported to the Maricopa County Animal Care & Control leavingcos at 602-506-7387.
  • Female dogs in heat are not permitted in the exercise area.
  • All dogs must be currently licensed and vaccinated. Puppies under the age of four months are not allowed in the park until they have had their license and vaccinations.
  • Dogs should be under voice control.
  • Please fill any hole your dog digs.
  • No food or alcoholic beverages allowed in the exercise area.
  • Owners or custodians of a dog must restrain and control the dog at all times with a leashlinks to external site of not more than 6 feet in length when outside of the dog exercise area. (Scottsdale Revised Code, Ch. 20, Sec. 20-32)
Anyone failing to comply with the rules will be asked to leave the dog park by city staff.