The Sports Field Reservation Office reserves sports fields at parks throughout Scottsdale and at designated Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD) locations.

Drop-in play is available on designated City fields when those fields have not been reserved, prepped for league or game activity, or have not been booked for maintenance.

All non-sport field requests, please use this form.

Find a Field

Download a list of Scottsdale and SUSD fields available for reservation. The SUSD fields are given priority to SUSD and are only reservable for youth sports.

Check Field Availability for requested location and dates.


September 1
Accepting January 1 – June 30 Field Requests
April 1
Accepting July 1 – December 31 Field Requests


List of Field Reservation Fees

In addition to the field fees, there is a $10 administration fee per permit issued.
RequestorTime of DayFee
ResidentDaytime (per field)$10/hour
ResidentEvening After 6pm (per field)$25/hour
Non-ResidentDaytime (per field)$20/hour
Non-ResidentEvening After 6pm (per field)$35/hour
Tournament/LeagueEvening After 6pm$45/Hour
CommercialEvening After 6pm$55/Hour
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