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11/06/2018 12/13/2018 Charter (PDF)
11/08/2016  01/09/2017  Charter (PDF)
03/13/2012  08/21/2012  Charter (PDF) 
11/02/2010 12/13/2010 Charter (PDF)
03/09/2010 03/31/2010 Charter (PDF)
03/14/2000 05/24/2000 Charter (PDF)
05/18/1999 07/12/1999 Charter (PDF)
11/03/1998 12/10/1998 See Note
02/20/1996 06/18/1996 Charter (PDF)
02/16/1988 05/03/1988 Charter (PDF)
02/16/1982 05/26/1982 Charter (PDF)
04/10/1973 05/17/1973 Charter (PDF)
11/07/1967 01/17/1968 Charter (PDF)
10/31/1961 11/16/1961 Charter (PDF)

Note: On November 3, 1998, voters approved two Charter amendment propositions(ballot (PDF)).  Proposition 410 amended the City Charter to provide for the designation of preserve lands, prohibit disposition of preserve lands, and limit the removal of the preserve designation without a vote of the qualified electors. Proposition 413 amended the Charter to require a two-thirds vote of the City Council prior to adopting, readopting, or making a major amendment to the City’s general plan.

Before the Charter could be reprinted to include the Charter amendments that resulted from the passage of Propositions 410 and 413, another election was held on May 18, 1999, and additional Charter amendments were approved by the voters.  All of the amendments from the November 3, 1998 and May 18, 1999 elections are included in the August 11, 1999 Charter (PDF).

Charter Amendments (PDF) - This is an interactive Adobe PDF document that includes a matrix, historical notes on charter amendments and elections, summaries of charter amendments, links to Charter Review Advisory Commission minutes and other supporting documentation.

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