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The Cigna Dental HMO provides services by a pre-selected general dentist. Services are listed with co-payments on a benefit schedule. Specialist services are available through your primary care dentist or a plan specialist with co-payments or discounts off the plan specialists' normal retail charges depending upon the procedure.

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Monthly Premiums - Fiscal Year 2024-25

Cigna Dental HMO monthly premiums for full-time employees
ElectionFull-Time Employee Pays
Employee Only$0.00
Employee & Spouse/Partner$6.64
Employee & Children$11.64
Employee & Family$13.66

View premiums for retirees and COBRA participants.

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This information represents a summary of benefits provided by the City of Scottsdale to benefited employees. Every effort has been made to report information accurately. All information, including the amount of any benefit and employee eligibility of benefits, is subject to and governed by the terms and conditions of the applicable policy or plan documents. In all cases where any of the information provided differs from the amount of benefit actually provided by the policy or plan, the terms of the legal documents will control.

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Last Updated: Jul 3, 2024

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