Note: The information on this page applies to single family residential homes only. For multi-family and commercial information please visit the Development Review Minor Applications page.

Permitting Requirements

Permits are required when:

  • Constructing any fence taller than 3-feet in height.
  • Adding additional height to existing fences over 3-feet in height. Engineered plans may be required when adding height to existing fences.
  • Constructing a retaining wall. All retaining walls require engineered plans to be submitted and approved by the city.
  • Building dry stack stone or interlocking block walls over 30-inches in height.
  • Replacing an existing fence. The same requirements apply when replacing an existing fence as apply when building a new fence.

In most residential zoning districts, you do not need a permit for walls and fences (including wrought iron fencing), up to 3’ in height. However, you must obtain courtesy site plan approval for any wall to ensure that it is in compliance with the zoning and stormwater ordinance. This includes ensuring the wall does not encroach onto any easements, watercourses or adversely affect on-site flows. You may visit the One Stop Shop with a site plan of the property showing all improvements including the proposed wall to seek approval from a Planner and a Stormwater Engineer.

Raising the height of an existing wall or a wall built without a permit

In the event someone wants to raise the height of an existing masonry wall or a fence/wall is constructed without the required city building permits, the process below outlines the steps to be taken to bring the fence/wall into compliance with city code, permit and ordinance requirements for the City of Scottsdale Revised Code.

  1. An Arizona licensed engineer/architect must submit an assessment of the as-built construction to the city of Scottsdale One Stop Shop, on the first floor of One Civic Center, 7447 E. Indian School Road. The assessment must be sealed by the engineer/architect prior to submittal. All applicable plan review and permit fees will be assessed at the standard rate.
  2. The engineer/architect's assessment will then be reviewed by the City's Engineering Review staff for compliance with city code, permit and ordinance requirements.
  3. Once the Engineering Review staff approves the engineer/architect's assessment, obtain a fence/wall permit from the One Stop Shop
  4. Issuance of the fence/wall permit requires an inspection by the City's Inspection Services division (schedule an inspection by calling 480-312-5750).
  5. If Inspection Services confirms the fence/wall is in compliance with the engineer/architect's assessment, the plans will be approved and the permit finaled.
Non-permitted fence/walls will remain under violation until all the above steps have been completed.

Submittal Resources

Detail Drawings

2515-1 Wall Opening & Erosion Protection - Type 1 (PDF) (DWG)
2515-2 Drainage Grate At Block Wall(PDF) (DWG)
2515-3 Erosion Protection - Type 2 (PDF) (DWG)
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