Board and Commission Vacancies

A list of known future vacancies is available here. Applications are currently being accepted until Friday, January 24, 2020, for the openings listed below. For more information on the board and commission application, nomination, interview and appointment process, please contact the City Council Office at 480-312-2550.

A list of all current applicants is available here (PDF).

Current Openings 

Board and Commission


 Airport Advisory Commission 1
Building Advisory Board of Appeals


Development Review Board


Human Relations Commission 

Industrial Development Authority


Neighborhood Advisory Commission 1
Tourism Development Commission 1

How the City Council's Appointment Process works

  1. Application. Interested Scottsdale residents apply to be considered using a standard application. When there is a vacancy, all applications on file for that board or commission are forwarded to the City Council.


  2. Nominations. At a City Council meeting, the Council reviews applications submitted for the board and commission openings under consideration. From this applicant pool, Council will select nominees for further consideration. Due to the number of applicants, only the nominees are contacted.


  3. Interviews.  Those nominated by the City Council are invited to participate in a brief interview with the Council. Each nominee is asked to respond briefly to a few questions by the City Council.


    • Name, address, and how long you have lived in Scottsdale.
    • Why you want to serve on the board, commission, or committee.
    • How your experiences (education/professional/volunteer) qualify you to serve on the board/commission for which you have applied.
    • What you think is the top issue facing the board or commission, and what your approach would be to address the issue.
    • City Council members may also ask you a few clarifying questions.


  4. Appointments. Immediately following each set of interviews, the Council makes formal appointments. Those appointed will receive a follow up letter with results and additional information. For those that are not selected, applications will remain active for future vacancies, for one year from the application date.

All appointees need to comply with the City's Code of Ethical Behavior. All first-term appointees need to plan on attending an Ethics Training and Orientation session within 90 days of appointment.
For more information on the board and commission application, nomination, interview and appointment process, please contact the City Council Office 480-312-2550.

Information on other City volunteer opportunities is available here.

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