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Census 2020 - What's at stake for Scottsdale?
April 1 is Census Day across the nation. In every community, residents are asked to complete a short questionnaire.
Scottsdale honors its employees
Improving a park and creating a butterfly exhibit. Developing a system to provide faster medical service to Phoenix Open attendees. Helping the homeless learn about and locate resources. Those are just some of the actions over the past year by Scottsdale employees honored for outstanding performance in 2019.
Mumps is on rise in Maricopa County
Maricopa County is experiencing a community-wide outbreak of mumps, a contagious disease that can lead to serious consequences.
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Scottsdale EZ

Whether it's a broken streetlight, a fresh pothole or a missing trash can, a new online service is making it easier for residents to report problems with city facilities or services.

Scottsdale EZ is a single, mobile-optimized system that lets you quickly report issues and provides the city with a consolidated tracking and reporting system.

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