Special Event Information

Special Event Guide and Process

Scottsdale Airport serves as a wonderful setting for events, static aircraft displays and photography.

While the airport welcomes your event taking place on airport property or in the adjacent Airpark area, there are certain guidelines and processes in place to ensure that safety and security measures for both aircraft operations and your event attendees.

This guide is intended to explain the requirements and assist you through obtaining the necessary permits - and help you plan ahead accordingly. It outlines the various items, policies and permits required as well as local, state and Airport/Airpark rules and regulations.

A Temporary Activity Permit must be approved by aviation staff to conduct: special events, including fundraisers, commercial photography or other activities on:

    • airport property
    • private property with direct access to the airport
    • private properties adjacent to public airpark taxi lanes (Gates 1 & 2 -- see map)

Not sure if you need an Airport/Airpark Temporary Activity Permit? Enter address into map

For all other addresses, check to if a City of Scottsdale Special Event Permit is required.

Airport/Airpark Temporary Activity Permit Requirements

Private/Public Events

These are events include: private and public events, open houses, fundraisers & aircraft static display events with or without liquor.

Events held on airport property, properties with direct access to the airport or properties adjacent to Taxilane 1 or 2. Depending on your event, there may be a 20 - 60-day advance notice requirement.

The Airport requires the following:

  • Airport/Airpark Temporary Activity Permit (download to digitally sign), TAP, is required. Please allow five days to process the airport temporary activity permit, but read below for any other requirements and deadlines.
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Event site plan, clearly depict security measures (i.e. event fencing, barriers, etc.)
  • Property owner or airport lessor approval (email acceptable)
  • $50 Fee
  • Visiting Aircraft - Airpark: While most events do not permit aircraft to be included in hangars, if your event includes a non-based aircraft to be on display outside, remember to request a Visiting Aircraft Permit through Airport Operations.

Additionally the following permits may also be required depending on your event:


  • Fire Permit from Fire Department, may be required for most events with more than 50 people, review their webpage and Special Assembly requirements, (30-days advance notice required)
  • Special Event Liquor License is generally required for any event that has an exchange of money (drink tickets, entrance fee, fundraiser, etc.) If any of these scenarios applies to your event, please apply for special event liquor license. A minimum of 20-days advance notice is required.
  • A City of Scottsdale Special Event Permit may be required for private property (if any portion of event held outside) or adjacent to taxilane (30 - 60 days advance notice required).

Events held on properties adjacent to Taxilane 3, 4, 5 or 6 (non-public taxilanes)

  • An Airport /Airpark Temporary Activity Permit is not required, BUT
  • Check to if a City of Scottsdale Special Event Permit is required (30 - 60 days advance notice)

Commercial Photography

A commercial photography requires an Airport/Airpark Temporary Activity (TAP) permit for any video/photos hiring a person or company. If an owner or an employee is taking photos of their own property or aircraft, a TAP is not required.


A TAP is required for any commercial photography/video taking place on airport property, direct access property or adjacent to Taxilane 1 or 2.

  • Airport/Airpark TAP form, include detailed information on location and scope of photo shoot. (At least three days advance notice required)
  • Insurance Certificate under photographer's name
  • Email or letter of approval from property owner and, if applicable, leased tenant
  • $50 fee payable to City of Scottsdale/Scottsdale Airport


The Airport/Airpark Temporary Activity Permit application fee is $50 payable to the City of Scottsdale.

If an event utilizes airport property, not leased areas, the Airport Property Special Event fee is $.60 per square foot.

Aviation Business Center Rooms Available for Rent

The Aviation Business Center features over 4,100 square feet of meeting and event space available for rent for your next meeting or event. There are two meeting rooms, the Stearman and Thunderbird, named in honor of the airport's start as a WWII training facility. These rooms may be combined to offer a larger space, separated for two smaller event rooms and/or combined with a patio area. The meeting rooms are managed by Volanti Restaurant. For more information on room rentals, please contact Volanti Restaurantlinks to external site at 480-657-2426.

Amenities available with room rental:

  • Classroom-style meeting tables with power supply (white)
  • Conference-style chairs (orange/black)
  • Projector and screen
  • A/V system and microphones
  • Covered public parking is conveniently located across the street.
  • Wi-Fi connection available.

Volanti Restaurant

Volanti Restaurant and Lounge is located on the second floor of the Aviation Business Center adjacent to the meeting rooms and offers spectacular views of the airfield and the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. The restaurant is available as an option to cater your event or you can choose your own caterer.

Volanti Restaurant and Lounge