Curb Address Painting

Many house numbers are often obscured by landscaping, are on different places of each home, and commonly are unlit. This can make it difficult to find a house address, especially at night. To help emergency personnel find your house more quickly, add painted house numbers to your curb by borrowing a free Curb Painting Kit from the city's Citizen Service Department by calling 480-312-3111.

"Do your part to help public safety and emergency personnel locate your home more easily," says Police Chief Jeff Walther. "It takes very little time to ensure your street address is clearly visible to ambulance, Police and Fire department teams." 

The free lending kit, which includes minimum 3-inch stencil numbers, masking tape, brushes and instructions, is easy to use. The user provides the paint - consult your local paint dealer to determine what paint works best for you. 

For those who live in Home Owner Association (HOA) areas, it is your responsibility to contact your association board or property manager to find out about any restrictions on your curb painting project and to get approval.  The city is not responsible for violations to the Covenants, Codes & Restrictions (CC&R) arising from the use of the Curb Painting Kit program.


Full instructions are included with each kit, or if you have the supplies around your house, follow these easy steps to “do-it-yourself”:


  1. First, make sure the curb area where you’ll be painting is clean and dry! We suggest sweeping, damp mopping and letting the area dry completely. Paint will adhere better and last longer if you do.
  2. Next, in the area of the curb where you want the address to go, lay down tape to form a rectangle. The tape outline should be sized to accommodate all the numbers in your address, plus any optional graphic you want.
  3. Paint the background, preferably using black -- numbers will be painted white on the dark background after the background has dried (steps 6 and 7).
  4. Once the area has dried, if you are using a graphic stencil, place the desired graphic stencil into position on the background.
  5. Paint the graphic. (Some graphics have 2 - 3 layers and colors).
  6. Slide the number stencils into position on the background next to your graphic and tape into place.
  7. Paint the numbers white.
  8. Let the paint dry for a few minutes.
  9. Remove the stencils and tape.
  10. Stencils and brushes can be cleaned immediately with a dry paper towel. If paint has dried, clean with a towel dampened with a citrus cleaner or paint thinner and let dry completely before packing back into the kit box.

Remember to refresh or repaint the address over time as necessary!

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Contact Information

City of Scottsdale - Office of Citizen Service
7506 E. Indian School Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
P: 480-312-3111
F: 480-312-2888