Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch (NW) is represented by citizens and police working in partnership to reduce crimes and improve the quality of life in neighborhoods.

By having a cohesive body of concerned citizens addressing issues that concern the entire community, NW programs can instill a greater sense of security, well-being and reduce the fear of crime in your community, as well as create a greater “sense of community” by putting the “neighbor” back into neighborhood.

With neighbors getting to know each other, taking the time to care about each other and working together in a program of mutual assistance, the residents that live in an area will know the needs of that area better than anyone else. By communicating with each other and working together as a team, your community can make a difference.  

How Do I Start a Neighborhood Watch?

  •  Define your neighborhood geographically. Start small – 20 to 25 homes - so you and your neighbors can get to know everyone.
  • Talk to your neighbors. Do they know that a Neighborhood Watch program is fun? What are their issues? What nights are they available for a meeting?
  • Call Neighborhood Watch Coordinator Ross Heyl directly at 480-312-2832 for Neighborhood Watch and other Revitalization issues, and schedule a mutually agreeable date for the first meeting. Tell the Neighborhood Watch Coordinator about any issue or concern that may be brought up at the meeting.
  • Ask neighbors to be Co-Captains (one neighbor per 10 homes).
  • Start a committee with interested neighbors to plan the first meeting. Assign someone to: market/advertise the meeting, make/buy food, meeting logistics (name tags, copy of sign-in sheet, pens). Focus on the "3 F's" which are Food, Fun and Free things.
  • Advertise the meeting to your neighbors! Invite ALL your neighbors (in your geographical area). Talk to everyone when you get the opportunity. Deliver flyers to each home. Involve the children of your community by asking them to help by delivering the flyers.
  • Call to confirm with your Neighborhood Watch Coordinator representative 48 hours prior to the meeting.
  • Set up a welcome table before the meeting begins with the sign-in sheet, name tags, and any applicable material provided by the City of Scottsdale.
  • Introduce the Neighborhood Watch Coordinator that will present on Neighborhood Watch. The presentation will last approximately 45 minutes followed by 10 minutes of questions. After the meeting, schedule a follow-up meeting with your group (a City of Scottsdale representative does not have to attend the second and subsequent meetings). Thank everyone who attended and acknowledge those who helped or neighborhood businesses that donated items. Invite neighbors to remain and get to know each other.
  • Thank those who helped after the meeting and get their help to work on the next.

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