Streets - Roadway and Street Maintenance

Scottsdale’s Street Operations Division maintains public streets and traffic signals and operates the city’s traffic management system.

Traffic management

Scottsdale’s Traffic Management Center monitors traffic on major city streets and employs a combination of systems to improve traffic flow where possible.

Traffic signals and signs

Scottsdale’s computerized traffic signal system allows the Traffic Management Center to monitor and control nearly 300 traffic signals within the city

Pavement and street maintenance

Scottsdale’s Street Operations Division maintains pavement to extend the life of city streets and maintains sidewalks, streetlights and traffic signals.

Street sweeping

  • Scottsdale sweeps public streets (with curbs) in residential areas about once every month
  • We sweep major streets about twice each month
  • We sweep downtown streets about twice each week
  • Request emergency sweeping: Street Operations at 480-312-5620

Storm drainage cleanup

The Street Operations Division maintains gutters, storm drains, grates, culverts and most washes on public property


  • Request a street light shield, or a new streetlight through Citizen Service at 480-312-3111. (Please include the pole number.)

Unpaved alleys and roads

The city and residents share responsibility for maintaining unpaved alleys in Scottsdale:

  • Once each year the city will treat the center of alleys for dust and weed control
    • Dust control for unpaved alleys generally occurs in December/January
    • Weed control for unpaved alleys generally occurs in March/April and August/September
  • Adjacent homeowners are responsible for maintaining alleys to the center, keeping them clear of litter, bulk trash, weeds and debris
  • For more information about your alley, contact Street Operations at 480-312-5620

The city applies dust control and grades most unpaved roads in Scottsdale

  • The city applies dust control treatments to unpaved roadways when average daily traffic counts exceed 150 vehicles per day
    • Dust control for unpaved roads generally occurs in July/August and November/December
  • The city grades unpaved roads that were graded by the county prior to annexation about every six weeks
  • The city grades other unpaved roads as needed to allow access by solid waste trucks and emergency vehicles
  • For more information contact Street Operations at 480-312-5620

Contact Information

City of Scottsdale - Streets Department
9191 E. San Salvador Dr.
Scottsdale, AZ 85258 

P: 480-312-5620
F: 480-312-5505 

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