Mediation Program

What is Mediation?

The mediation program is a private, voluntary process in which an impartial person facilitates communication between parties to promote settlement. It does not involve a decision by the mediator. The mediator is a neutral person selected by the parties to assist in the identification of issues, generation of options, and facilitation of a mutually acceptable agreement.

How Can Mediation Help?

Mediation provides a way for people to resolve conflicts peacefully. Assisted by a skilled mediator, people talk to each other seeking to reach a mutually satisfactory solution.

How Does Mediation Work?

At the request of two or more consenting parties, mediation sessions are scheduled at a time and location convenient to all parties.
  1. If requested, the Mediation Program will contact the other person(s) involved to see if they are willing to attend a mediation session to discuss an issue. This process can take up to 30 days as more than one request is made.
  2. All parties must agree to mediation before one will be scheduled.
  3. In a mediation session, each person has an opportunity to explain the problem from their perspective.
  4. The parties listen to each other and learn about their feelings and how they are being affected by various actions or deeds.
  5. The parties work on a solution together. Solutions are reached when all agree to a plan of action. The mediators do not decide who is right, but will help the parties reach their own agreements.
  6. When an agreement is reached, the specific issues decided are written down by the mediator and signed by all involved.

Conversations between all parties and the mediator are confidential.

Why Use the Mediation Program?

Voluntarily resolving problems builds cooperation, better feelings and stronger neighborhoods. The Scottsdale Mediation Program is a free service provided to the citizens of Scottsdale.

Contact Information

Deanna Zuppan
P: 480-312-0217
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