Program Information

Deadlines have passed for the current fiscal year program (July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018) and funds are depleted. Program requirements for next fiscal year (July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019) will be available by late June 2018.  

Residential device rebates (toilets, showerheads, irrigation controllers, urinals) 

  • Purchases occurring after program deadlines and before next year's start date (July 1, 2018) are ineligible for rebates.
  • All devices must be WaterSense labeled. Visit the EPA's WaterSense Product Searchlinks to external site to look-up eligible devices.

Residential removal rebates (warm-season grass, water softener, pool/spa)

  • All removal rebates require a pre-inspection to determine eligibility. Do not begin the removal process until the required pre-inspection is complete.

  • If the warm-season grass, water softener, or pool/spa is removed before the required pre-inspection and Notice to Proceed, the rebate will be denied.

Multifamily, HOA & Commercial Rebates 

  • For non-residential rebate applications and questions, email
  • Rebates available for installing WaterSense labeled toilets, showerheads, irrigation controllers, and urinals. Rebates also available for removing grass and water softeners.

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