Trash and Recycling Collection Guidelines

Curbside residential collection basics

  • Place your container on the street with wheels against the curb by 5 a.m. on collection days and remove it the same day
  • Keep your container at least four feet from other containers, parked cars, mail boxes and other obstacles that may prevent our crews from picking it up
  • Don’t overfill your container – the lid must close per Maricopa County Health Department standards
  • If your city-owned container needs repair, please call 480-312-5600 or Email Scottsdale Solid Waste

(Garbage & Trash) Specifics

Recycling Specifics

  • Only put accepted materials in your recycling container.
  • Don't place plastic bags or liners in your recycling container as they can damage the equipment used at the sorting facility
    Instead, many local grocery stores offer plastic shopping bag recycling drop-off containers

  • Make sure your recyclable materials are clean, dry and empty
  • Break down or cut-up cardboard boxes to keep them from getting stuck in your container
  • If you need an additional mauve recycling container, we will provide one at no charge – please call 480-312-5600 or Email Scottsdale Solid Waste
  • If we don’t offer curbside recycling in your area, please call 480-312-5600 or Email Scottsdale Solid Waste for recycling drop-off locations

Alley collection guidelines

In some parts of Scottsdale, residential trash collection is provided via 300-gallon shared containers placed in alleys. Please follow the same trash guidelines provided above.

Please do not re-position alley containers – we position them to provide best access to all users and away from overhead hazards.

The city and residents share responsibility for maintaining unpaved alleys in Scottsdale

In general:

  • Do not place rocks, landscaping gravel, dirt or construction waste in the alley or in the container (Materials such as these must be taken to the landfill)
  • Do not plant trees or shrubs in alleys
  • Control grass and weeds to reduce fire hazards
  • Trim trees that overhang into the alley to your fence line and to an overhead clearance of 15 feet
  • Report illegal dumping to Solid Waste Services (preferably with a vehicle description and license plate number) via phone call 480-312-5600 or Email Scottsdale Solid Waste

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