Pool Safety - Prevent Drownings

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Protect your family with a water safety plan

Drowning is a quick and silent killer. In the time it takes to answer the phone, tragedy can occur.

Multiple layers of protection are the key to a water safety plan. Protect your family with the following safety tips.

  • Supervise children wherever they could find water. Children can drown in as little as an inch of water.
  • No one should swim alone. This includes grown-ups!
  • Designate an adult to be responsible for watching children in pools during parties, and rotate shifts. Have them wear a special shirt, hat or badge so that others know not to interrupt this person while on duty.
  • Install a pool fence or other approved barrier around the pool perimeter. Solar covers are NOT considered a barrier. Learn what's required in Scottsdale.
  • Ensure pool access gates are self-closing and self-latching. Check regularly to keep in good working order.
  • Secure doors, gates and pet doors that lead to pool area. Secure spas with childproof covers.
  • Keep a phone by the pool to call 911 in case of an emergency.
  • Take CPR classes at least every two years, and practice in between to keep your skills sharp. Babysitters, grandparents and friends should all know safety rules and CPR.
  • Children and adults should learn how to swim. (Remember this does not “drown-proof” anyone!) 
    To register for classes with City of Scottsdale Aquatics, visit: recreation.scottsdaleaz.gov links to external site
    Choose: Register for Programs
    Choose: Aquatics/Swimming
    Click on: Lessons
  • Keep toys and objects away from pool or spa area. 
  • Move furniture inside of the fenced area and away from fences so children can’t use them for climbing. 
  • Empty inflatable pools, ice chests and buckets when not in use.
  • Keep bathroom doors closed. Consider using a toilet latch during toddler years
  • If an accident happens, act immediately.

If a child is missing, always check the pool or spa first.

  • Yell for help.
  • Dial 911.
  • Start CPR.
  • Teach your children to be water safe!
  • Tell children to yell for an adult and throw a flotation device if they find someone in trouble in the water. They should NEVER jump into a pool to save someone else.
  • Encourage children to tell an adult right away if the pool gate is left open or the cover is left off the spa.
  • Teach them to dial 911 in case of an emergency.

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