Fire Department FAQ

  • All alarms are one of the following types: 1) Hard-wired, 2) Battery-operated, or 3) Hard-wired with a battery backup. Hard-wired alarms are usually interconnected with all alarms in the house, so if one beeps, they all beep. It is important to replace hard-wired alarms with the same type to keep this interconnectivity.
  • Most often the battery needs to be replaced, and we recommend doing this every 6 months (if it is not a lithium battery, which last longer). The alarm will continue to beep until it dies out or is replaced. Just because the alarm stopped beeping does not mean the problem has gone away. It may mean the battery died.
  • If it is not the battery, sometimes dust particles get caught in the alarm and triggers it. Try vacuuming the alarm and resetting it. (Follow manufacture guidelines.)
  • There may also be an electrical problem if the smoke alarm is hard-wired. If it is hard-wired only and beeping, you will need to contact an electrician.
  • If you are having difficulty changing a battery that is at an accessible height of less than 10 feet, please complete the request form at or call 480-312-8000.

SFD does not provide this service. Search online under Fire Equipment or Extinguishers for companies that may provide this service. However, it is often less expensive to buy a new extinguisher. Contact Hazardous Waste at 480-312-5600 for disposing of old units.

A licensed/bonded residential fire sprinkler contractor is acceptable. We suggest you check the AZ Registrar of Contractors (ROC) to obtain more than one quote, as prices may vary.

Although no longer manufactured, polybutylene piped residential fire sprinkler systems are not required to be removed.

These types of calls can be handled by the Code Enforcement Office, please call 480-312-2546 or you can make an online complaint at

Household cleaners, swimming pool chemicals, paint, automotive fluids, batteries and electronics should not be placed in trash or recycling containers or placed out for brush and bulk collection. Scottsdale Solid Waste offers two ways to recycle household hazardous waste: the annual Drop-Off Yard Event and monthly Home Collection.

More information available on the Household Hazardous Waste page.

Please call our COS Water Department customer service line at 480-312-5650, or you can make an online report at:

When COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, you may dispose prescription drugs safely at 3 SPD District Offices during office hours. Medical sharps are not allowed in these bins but you may dispose of them in your City of Scottsdale trash bin. Learn more.

  1. Follow all manufacturer’s and supplier’s instructions and guidelines.
  2. Tanks should be kept away from any ignition source, electrical hazards, or areas of high temperature.
  3. Tanks should be restrained so as to prevent them from falling or being tipped over.
  4. Tanks should not be stored so as to obstruct a means of egress.
  5. Smoking is prohibited in rooms or areas where oxygen tanks are stored.
  6. Smoking is prohibited within close proximity of all appurtenances to the oxygen system.

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Fire Department FAQ

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