Safe Drug Disposal

The information on this page pertains to medication in containers, not needles (sharps). To dispose of needles/sharps read the following information.

Prescription drug abuse is an increasing threat, especially among the teenage population. In partnership, the Scottsdale Police and Fire Departments have developed an effective, convenient and environmentally responsible prescription drug disposal program. This program is designed to assist the public in the safe and proper disposal of their unused and unwanted prescription medication, and to help decrease the supply of diverted prescription drugs in the home and in our community.

  • The prescription drug take-back program is for use by private individuals in the community. The police department will not accept prescription drugs from commercial entities for the purpose of destruction.
  • Unwanted, unused, and expired prescription medication brought in by the public will be deposited in the prescription drug collection receptacles.
  • The person turning in the prescription medication may remain anonymous.
  • The containers are marked with Police and Fire logos, and display lists of acceptable and unacceptable items.

What we can accept

  • prescription drugs
  • prescription patches
  • prescription ointments
  • prescription lotions
  • prescription samples
  • prescription liquid medication in leak proof containers
  • pet medication
  • over-the-counter medications

What we cannot accept

include, but are not limited to,

  • needles (sharps)
  • aerosols
  • bio-hazard or infectious waste
  • hydrogen peroxide or alcohol
  • thermometers
  • food items

Disposal Preparation and Instructions

  • Empty pills/tablets/capsules from their original container into a re-sealable plastic bag (pills may remain in blister packs which can be placed into a resealable plastic bag)
  • Bring the sealed plastic bag into the District Police Station and drop off to the station officer in the lobby
  • Prescription bottles cannot be accepted for disposal at the District Police Station. Remove the labels from the bottles and discard appropriately.

Disposal locations

The lobby hours for each district are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday - Friday. For additional information, feel free to contact the District Station Officers at 480-312-5000.

drug box

Disposing of Needles or Sharps

Do Not dispose of needles or sharps in the medication drop boxes. Instead do the following:

Use the disposal instructions or container given to you by your medical provider. If your provider did not provide instructions or a container here is an alternative:

  1. Place used needles, or other sharps, in a puncture resistant container. A coffee can works great and if there are coffee grounds left even better!
  2. Ensure that the container is sealed tight using strong tape (masking, packing, duct).
  3. Wrap and tie in a plastic garbage bag.
  4. Mark the bag very clearly "Medical Waste. No Not Recycle."
  5. Dispose of it in your BLACK City of Scottsdale trash bin for normal city trash pick-up.

Contact Information

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General number/file a report: 480-312-5000
TDD - 480-312-5419

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