Board and Commission Archives

Historical information for dissolved or inactive boards, commissions, committees, and Council Subcommittees can be found by clicking the links below. Information contained in each document provides a synopsis of the board's purpose and duties, bylaws, legislative references, and a complete list of members throughout the life of the board, commission, or committee. Each link will open a PDF file in a new window.

Historical information for active board, commissions, and committees can be found by visiting the respective board or commission’s webpage by clicking here. Information on active Council Subcommittees can be found on each respective Council Subcommittee’s webpage by clicking here. After selecting an active board, commission, or committee to view, historical information can be found by clicking on the “Historical Report” link under the “Related Links” section.

2009 Downtown Task Force (Dissolved)
2011 General Plan Working Group (Dissolved)
2035 General Plan Update Citizen Review Committee 2020 (Dissolved)
Ad Hoc Citizen Trails Task Force (Dissolved)
Architectural Board (Inactive)
Art in Public Places Committee (Dissolved)
ASU Scottsdale Center Working Group (Dissolved)
Audit Committee (Finance Audit Committee and Finance Committee) (Inactive)
Beautification Committee (Inactive)
Bicentennial Committee (U.S. Constitution) (Inactive)
Board of Appeals (Inactive)
Board of Plumbing Examiners (Inactive)
Bond Task Force (Dissolved)
Budget Review Commission (Dissolved)
Building and Fire Advisory Board (Inactive)
Cable Television Ad Hoc Citizens Committee (Dissolved)
Cable Television Commission (Dissolved)
Channel 11 Programming Commission (Dissolved)
Charter Review Advisory Commission - 2 (Inactive)
Charter Review Advisory Commission - 3 (Inactive)
Charter Review Advisory Commission (Inactive)
Charter Review Committee (Inactive)
Charter Review Task Force (Dissolved)
Citizen Budget Review Committee (Inactive)
Citizens Advisory Committee for the Growth of Scottsdale (Inactive)
Citizens Bond Review Commission (Dissolved)
Citizens Code of Ethics Task Force (Dissolved)
Civil Service Board (Inactive)
Council Budget Subcommittee (Dissolved)
Council Capital Improvement Plan Subcommittee (Disolved)
Council Court Subcommittee (Inactive)
Council District Advisory Task Force (Dissolved)
Council Subcommittee on Water Issues (Dissolved)
Curatorial Board (Dissolved)
Desert Discovery Center Phase III Committee (Dissolved)
Desert Discovery Center Subcommittee (Dissolved)
Design Review Board (Inactive)
Development Services Board - Cable Television System (Inactive)
Electrical Advisory Board (Inactive)
Endowment Advisory Board (Dissolved)
Energy Advisory Committee (Dissolved)
Enhanced Municipal Services District Commission (Dissolved)
Fine Arts Commission (Dissolved)
General Plan Task Force (formerly General Plan 2014 Task Force)
Green Building Advisory Committee (Dissolved)
Historical Register Committee (Dissolved)
Hospital Board (Inactive)
Housing Board (Dissolved)
International Relations Commissions (Dissolved)
Joint Scottsdale Unified School District and City Council Committee (Dissolved)
Joint Task Force on the Arts (Dissolved)
Management Committee - Cable Television System (Inactive)
McDowell Corridor and South Scottsdale Economic Development Task Force (Dissolved)
McDowell Mountain Task Force (Dissolved)
McDowell Sonoran Preserve Commission Planning Subcommittee (Dissolved)
McDowell Sonoran Preserve Commission Promotion Subcommittee (Dissolved)
McDowell Sonoran Preserve Land Resources Task Force (Inactive)
Museum of the West Subcommittee (Dissolved)
Neighborhood Beautification Awards Committee (Inactive)
Neighborhood Enhancement Commission (Dissolved)
Noise Abatement Committee (Inactive)
Protect and Preserve Scottsdale Task Force (Inactive)
Redevelopment Board (Inactive)
SC-3 (Scottsdale Community Cable Corporation) - Cable Television System (Dissolved)
Scottsdale Comprehensive Nonmotorized Transportation Plan Task Force (Inactive)
Scottsdale Pride Commission (Dissolved)
Scottsdale Water Company Board of Directors (Inactive)
Street Naming and Numbering Committee (Inactive)
Subcommittee on Regional Aviation (Dissolved)
Tourism Advisory Task Force (Dissolved)
Trails Subcommittee (Inactive)
Vista del Camino Advisory Board (Inactive)
Westworld Subcommittee (Dissolved)