Mayor's Constitution Contest

Mayor Jim Lane

Dear Scottsdale Students,

The importance of our United States Constitution cannot and should not ever be understated.  Our basic freedoms from oppression starts with being a country of law, and those laws secure our liberty here in our lives in the USA.

That is why building and furthering an understanding of our U.S. Constitution among our young Americans is so important to me.  This contest is to encourage that learning and appreciation of life and liberty under the Constitutional Republic form of government.

Best of luck to you all.

W.J. “Jim” Lane
Mayor of Scottsdale


    1. Grades 1-5

Construct a 250-word essay, art (in any medium), or vide on the topic “What the 1st 10 Amendments/ “Bill of Rights” means to me. There will be one grand prize winner in the essay category and one for the art/video category.

    2. Grades 6-8

Choose one Constitutional amendment and construct a 500-word essay, artwork or video on why you think it is important to American society. There will be one grand prize winner in the essay category and one for the art/video category.

    3. Grades 9-12

Construct an essay of at least 1000 words, art (in any medium), or video that presents your thoughts on how the Constitution provides safeguards for individual liberty in our republic form of governance. There will be one grand prize winner in the essay category and one for the art/video category.


  1. All essays and art must be the original work of the student.
  2. Essays may be typed or hand written.
  3. Art may be in any medium.
  4. Videos will be included in the art category and must be less than 3 minutes in length, posted to YouTube and link to the YouTube post must be emailed to
  5. Winners must live in Scottsdale or attend a Scottsdale school.
  6. The essay, artwork, or emailed link must include the child’s: Full name, Grade, Age, Address, Phone number, School, Title of Essay or artwork, Email address.
  7. All submissions will be considered the property of the City and may not be returned. Winning submissions may be displayed in City Hall.
  8. Entries must be submitted, mailed or postmarked by 5 p.m. Tuesday September 17th, 2019.  Entries must be submitted at any Scottsdale Public Library information desk or electronically to Kelli Kuester in the Mayor’s Office (

Judging Criteria:

  1. Each category will be judged separately by a panel of judges.
  2. The message about the Constitution should be clear.
  3. All contest rules must be followed.

Awards Ceremony:

Mayor Lane will host a reception for finalists and their families, Monday October 14th, 6:00pm at Mountain view Community Center .

If you do not receive a confirmation of your emailed entry within 48 hours, or if you have any questions or need additional information regarding the contest, please reach out to Kelli Kuester at or 480-312-7977.


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