Residential Handbills Program

The Regulation of the Distribution of Printed Materials to Residential Property

The distribution of printed materials including handbills, fliers and door hangers to a residential property in the City of Scottsdale is regulated under the City of Scottsdale's Revised Code (Chapter 19, Sec. 9). It is a violation to deliver these types of printed materials to a resident who has announced that they do not wish to receive them.

Below are 3 easy steps of the Residential Handbills Program a resident can take to legally notify a handbill distributor that no printed material is to be placed on the resident's premises. 

Step 1: Announcing 

The citizen must announce that he/she does not wish to receive handbills. This can be achieved through signage posted in a conspicuous place near the entrance of the residential property.

Sample Signage

  • Handbills
  • Advertisements
  • Unsolicited Written Materials 
  • Peddlers
  • Solicitors
Scottsdale Revised Code Section 19-9
  • Folletos
  • Boletines
  • Publicidad o Anuncios
  • Vendedores Ambulantes
  • Solicitantes
El Codingo de la Ciudad de Scottsdale La Seccin 19-9

Step 2: Notifying

If handbill distribution continues after Step 1, the citizen may then notify the Handbills Program Coordinator of the violation and provide copies of the offending handbills.

Step 3: Notification of Violation 

The Handbills Program Coordinator will then contact the offending advertising, marketing or distribution company(s) in question, to notify them of the violation(s) as well as direct them to respect the citizen’s request by not leaving any further advertising material at that address.

Contact Information

Christy Hill
Citizen Liaison
P: 480-312-4126