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Backflow Prevention /Cross-Connection Control

To keep the water supply safe from contaminants that could be introduced into the water system through backflow, back siphonage or backpressure from a customer's plumbing system, Scottsdale administers the Cross-connection Control Program.

The program requires the installation, testing and maintenance of approved backflow prevention assemblies on all plumbing systems per the city's plumbing codes and City Ordinances. Commercial water customers must have their Backflow Assemblies inspected annually and will be notified by mail when their inspections are due.

Contractors doing any work on a Backflow Prevention Assembly – including, but not limited to, testing, installation, retrofits and replacements – must be certified backflow testers (PDF).

Additional Resources

For additional information contact Water Quality at 480-312-5668 or Backflow Testing at

Construction and Hydrant Meters

For new construction projects or improvements, either a hydrant meter or a construction meter will be required for connecting to Scottsdale’s potable water supply. The two types of meters and their respective fees are described below:

Construction Meters

  • Typically for long term, large-scale projects
  • Connects directly to the city's water distribution system
  • Requires 3-inch water meter (Larger meters may be available for additional fees on a case-by-case basis>


  • Payable to: 
    Development Services
    7447 E. Indian School Rd Suite 105
    Scottsdale AZ, 85251 
  • Deposit: $1,500 for 3" meter
  • Monthly Base Fee: $95 for 3" meter
  • Establishment Fee: $15
  • Installation and Removal Fee: $140
  • Relocation Fee: $100

Hydrant Meters

  • Typically for projects and/or temporary water hauling
  • Connects to a designated city fire hydrant
  • May use either a 3-inch or 1-inch water meter


  • Payable to:
    Utility Billing - Customer Service
    7447 E. Indian School Rd Suite 110
    Scottsdale AZ, 85251 
  • Deposit: $1,500 for 3" meter, $500 for 1" meter
  • Monthly Base Fee: $95 for 3" meter, $21.75 for 1" meter
  • Establishment Fee: $15
  • Installation and Removal Fee: $140
  • Relocation Fee: $100

Volumetric Charges for both 1-inch and 3-inch meters

Tier Rate per 1000 Gallons From To
1 $1.65 0 5,000
2 $2.95 5,001 12,000
3 $3.70 12,001 30,000
4 $4.05 Over 30,000  
Additional details:
  • All meters require a backflow prevention device (Standard Detail #2346), which must be inspected and approved by the city before a meter will be delivered.
  • Contractors are responsible for any costs required to repair a fire hydrant, water meter or other fixtures until the city resumes possession.
  • Submittal of a request does not guarantee authorization of a construction or hydrant meter.
For more information or to request a construction meter, please visit the One Stop Shop or call 480-312-2500.

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