Protect and Preserve Scottsdale Task Force


The Protect and Preserve Scottsdale Task Force shall develop a recommendation to the Council on a financial strategy to protect and preserve Scottdale’s open spaces and quality of life, through identifying and quantifying the unfunded needs for the protection, preservation, and perpetual maintenance of the City’s open spaces (e.g., Indian Bend Wash Greenbelt and McDowell Sonoran Preserve), public safety, and other needs.


Name Term Begin
Carla 12/06/2022
Eaneman, James 12/06/2022
Hartmann, Nicholas 12/06/2022
 McKeighan, Jace  12/06/2022
 Schweiker, Daniel  12/06/2022
 Wenstrom, Cynthia - Chair  12/06/2022
 Winkleman, Mark  12/06/2022
 Zikias, John  12/06/2022
 Zubia, Raoul - Vice Chair  12/06/2022
 Staff Contacts:
 Sonia Andrews, City Treasurer  480-312-2364
 Gina Kirklin, Finance Director  480-312-5006
 Carol Banegas Stankus, Staff Representative  480-312-2427