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Youth Swim Lessons

Sea Babies

(6 months to 3 years) (1:12 Ratio) This class focuses on water acclimation. Fosters comfort level in the water while training caregivers in water safety and drowning prevention. Caregiver will be in the water with child.



(2.5 to 5 years) (1:4 Ratio) Provides a positive, developmental approach to the aquatic learning experience. Emphasizes water safety and survival concepts. Students should enter the water and participate without caregiver presence.



(3 to 6 years) (1:4 Ratio) Emphasizes water safety and survival concepts for non-swimmers. Elementary survival skills including breath control, submerging then recovering for air and returning to the wall, floating, gliding and safety skills. Performed in both swimwear and regular clothes.


Sea Turtles

(4 to 7 years) (1:4 Ratio) Components of freestyle arm strokes, breathing, kicking and treading. Students must feel comfortable in water four feet deep, jumping in and returning to the side. Front and back floating required with rolling over from front to back.



(5+ years) Components of freestyle and backstroke including arm strokes, breathing pattern and kicking. Students will learn headfirst entries. Deep water comfort level required.



(5+ years) Components of resting strokes and introduction of butterfly including breathing, body positioning, arm actions, leg actions, coordination, and timing. Deep water comfort level is required.



(7+ years) Components of breaststroke and sidestroke including good timing and extension. Will also work on endurance building. Deep water comfort level is required.



(7+ years) Students must be proficient in freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke. Will refine strokes, learn turns and increase fitness levels. Advanced racing starts introduced and prepares students for recreation teams. Deep water comfort level is required.


Adult Swim Lessons

Adult Learn to Swim

(18+ years) It is never too late to learn to swim or improve your strokes! Adult Learn to Swim is geared toward adults who want to learn the basics of swimming and water safety. Adult Stroke Refinement is geared for adults to improve their swimming techniques and endurance.


Adult Stroke Refinement 

(18+ years) It is never too late to improve your strokes! This class is geared towards adults who want to improve their swimming techniques and endurance.


Last Updated: Jul 3, 2024

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