Online Public Records and Data

Many public documents and datasets are available on the City’s website. Below are a few links to assist you in locating the information.

Open Data

Search a wide variety of city data including zoning, water consumption, solicitations, maps, permits, licenses, and more.

City Clerk Archives

Search for documents such as agendas, reports, contracts, meeting minutes, ordinances, and resolutions.

Planning & Development

Search for items such as property records, building permits, case file status, elevation certificates, right-of-way permits, certificate of occupancy reports, and GIS maps & data.

Request a Public Record

If you have not been able to locate the records in the online search tools available above, you may request a public record using the forms below. Please click on a category to start your request. If the category is unknown, please choose General Request and enter a detailed description.

Police Crime Analysis
Fire Dept
City Court
General Requests

Print and Mail General Request Forms

General Request forms are also available to be downloaded, printed, filled out and sent by mail. All requests must use the proper form, commercial or non-commercial. Answer the following question to determine which form to download or print:

Are you requesting records for any of the following uses?

  • For the purpose of sale or resale or;
  • To obtain names and addresses for the purpose of solicitation or;
  • For the sale of names and addresses to another for the purpose of solicitation or;
  • For any purpose that can reasonably anticipate the receipt of monetary gain from the direct use of the public record
Yes? Commercial Form
No? Non-Commercial Form


Public records are maintained in various locations and some records may contain private or sensitive information that requires review and possible redaction. Additional time may be needed to process requests involving these types of records. If there is going to be a delay in providing the records, an estimated time frame will be communicated to the requestor.

Public Record Request Fees

The Arizona Public Records Law permits the City to recover the cost of copying public records. This fee schedule is applicable citywide unless a different department specific schedule has been approved by the City Council.

Individual departments should be consulted for fees associated with special formats not listed below. Applicable fees shall be paid prior to the release of copies. Applicable postage may be charged at the current U.S. postage rate.

Fee Schedule
Black/white copies: 8½ x 11 (letter) and 8½ x 14 (legal)*
Black/white copies will be copied double-sided and each side counts as a page
Requests of less than 25 black/white pages (letter/legal only)** No charge
Records provided via electronic mail*** No charge
Records provided on CD/DVD**** $5.00
Viewing requested material in person No charge
Governmental agencies for official business No charge

* If a requester desires that records be provided in an electronic format, and those records are only maintained in hardcopy, then both a per page and CD charge shall apply
**If a request exceeds 25 pages fees are applied to all pages, inclusive of the first 25 pages.
*** In many instances electronic mail capacity is set below 20MB, in such cases a CD or DVD may also be provided at no charge.
**** A $25.00 fee is applied for DVDs created by Cable 11.

Sherry R. Scott
City Attorney

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