Obtain a copy of a Fire Report

All records are now obtained using our Public Records System.

Request a Fire Report

Scottsdale Fire Department does not have ambulance billing. You must contact Maricopa Ambulance Billing at 844-597-4911.

Fee Schedule

Payments are all made online with credit or debit card.

View the Fee Schedule

List of Fees:

  • Operations Incident Report - $5.00
  • EMS Encounter Report - $5.00
  • Fire Scene Investigation Report - $5.00
  • Fire Scene Photos on CD - $5.00
  • Fire Service Activity History Search - $10.00 (per location)
  • Subpoena (Per A.R.S. 12-351) - $25/hour +0.25/page

Last Updated: Apr 23, 2024

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