Fire Permit Application

Site plans and aerial photographs of the event location may be required. If the event and/or operation does not fall into one of these permit categories, please call 480-312-1855.

Request a Permit

Fire permits are required for various events and operations including:

  • Tent permit - required for any tent over 400 sq. ft. and any tent with no sides over 700 sq. ft. or multiple tents or tents with no sides at one event.
  • Vehicle Display permit - required for the display of a vehicle, motorcycle, boat, etc in a building, tent, canopy or public area.
  • Expo/convention permit - required for exposition and convention booth set-ups in ballrooms, etc.
  • Roofing operations permit - required for any roofing operation using a torch or kettle procedure.
  • Bonfire permit - required for any open burning within the City of Scottsdale for events or religious ceremonies.
  • Christmas tree lot permit - required for any Christmas tree lot set-up within the City of Scottsdale.
  • Consumer fireworks retail sale permit - required for any retail sales of consumer fireworks, as defined in A.R.S. 36-1601, within the City of Scottsdale.
  • Fire dancing permit - required for any type of fire dancing indoors or outdoors within the City of Scottsdale.
  • Compressed gas permit - required for any compressed gas installation including Bulk CO2 installations, indoor or outdoor within the City of Scottsdale.
  • Special Assembly Permit - required for events scheduled in buildings and occupancies that are not designed, built or maintained to safely house large groups of people within the City of Scottsdale. Some examples would include, but not limited to, retail spaces, office and business lobbies, and aircraft hangars. View Special Assembly Permit Requirements

Fire Permit Fees

Fire permit fees for the Fiscal year of 2023/2024, effective July 1, 2023, are:

  • $250 per application received 10 days or more before the event date
  • $500 per application received less than 10 days before the event date

Last Updated: Jun 30, 2024

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