Benefited city employees receive a basic life insurance benefit equal to one times their annual salary, rounded up to the nearest $1,000 subject to a minimum of $15,000 and a maximum of $500,000. The city pays 100 percent of the premium.

Please note there are certain age reductions.

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Commuter & Travel Insurance

The city also provides a $200,000 life insurance benefit that will cover benefited employees while traveling on business. The city pays 100 percent of the premium.

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Supplemental Life Insurance

In addition to city paid basic life insurance, benefited employees may purchase supplemental life insurance coverage for yourself, spouse/partner and dependents. Employee and spouse/partner rates are based on the employees age. Please see the supplemental life insurance rate chart below for all premium rates. When an employee's age reaches a new age bracket, the new rate takes effect on the first pay check of the following year. Supplemental life insurance premiums are deducted on an after-tax basis.

  • For yourself, you may purchase a maximum of $300,000, in units of $10,000. This amount cannot exceed five times your annual salary. An application must be completed and a physical examination may be required in order to buy this additional coverage.
  • For your spouse/partner, you may purchase up to a maximum of $150,000, in units of $10,000. Spouse/partner coverage ceases at age 70.
  • For your children, you may purchase up to the maximum of $10,000, in units of $2,000. You must purchase additional life insurance on yourself or spouse/partner in order to be eligible to purchase coverage for your children. Unmarried dependent children are eligible for coverage from 14 days until the age of 26 regardless of student status. The maximum benefit for children under six months old is $500.

Coverage is subject to the approval of New York Life Insurance. You may apply for new coverage at any time, but must satisfy the insurability requirement. You may also make changes to current coverage at any time.

Please note there are certain age reductions.

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If you have lost your coverage due to termination or experienced a reduction due to age, you are eligible to convert all or part of what you lost within 31 days of losing the coverage.

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To change coverage amount or stop Supplemental Life Insurance:

Please complete the following form and forward to the benefits department.

Voluntary Life Insurance Change Form

To change your Life Insurance beneficiary:

Please complete the following form and forward to the benefits department.

Beneficiary Change Form for Life and Vol Life

Monthly Supplemental Life Insurance Rates

Monthly rates cost per $10,000 by employee age.
Employee's AgeCost per $10,000
Under 30$0.74
75 +$30.00

Child(ren) coverage is .34 cents per $2,000 of coverage


New York Life Group Insurance - Voluntary life insurance
1455 Valley Center Parkway, 725
Bethlehem, PA 18017
[email protected]
866-607-2360 (number to check on status of life insurance applications)

Produced by Human Resources:

This information represents a summary of benefits provided by the City of Scottsdale to benefited employees. Every effort has been made to report information accurately. All information, including the amount of any benefit and employee eligibility of benefits, is subject to and governed by the terms and conditions of the applicable policy or plan documents. In all cases where any of the information provided differs from the amount of benefit actually provided by the policy or plan, the terms of the legal documents will control.

Last Updated: Jul 8, 2024

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