All benefited employees in an active pay status have these days off with pay each fiscal year:

  • New Year's Day, January 1
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, third Monday in January
  • President's Day, third Monday in February
  • Memorial Day, last Monday in May
  • Juneteenth, June 19
  • Independence Day, July 4
  • Labor Day, first Monday in September
  • Veteran's Day, November 11
  • Thanksgiving Day, fourth Thursday in November
  • Day after Thanksgiving Day, fourth Friday in November
  • Christmas Day, December 25
  • Floating holiday, to be taken at any time during the fiscal year subject to management approval

Holidays falling on Saturday will be observed on Friday and holidays falling on Sunday will be observed on Monday.

Certain employees may be required to work on a holiday. These employees, excluding part-time and job-share employees, are paid one and one-half (1 1/2) times their normal rate of pay for the number of hours worked.

Specified emergency personnel in the police department may be given holiday pay regardless of whether or not they are assigned to a shift the day of the holiday.

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Full-time benefited employees accrue annual vacation based on a universal benefit date, as outlined below. Part-time benefited employees who work at least 20 hours per week are also eligible for vacation at a pro-rated level.

Vacation hours by number of years of service
Years of ServiceAnnual Hours EarnedMaximum Hours Carryover To Next Year
0 to 4123.6247.2
5 to 9152.4304.8
10 and over180360

Paid vacations continue to accrue during any leave with pay. All vacations are subject to the provisions of applicable administrative guidelines, the operational needs of the employee's department and are subject to the prior approval of the employee's supervisor.

Employees are encouraged to use vacation annually rather than accruing hours. The city reserves the right to postpone or cancel vacations in the event of any emergency. This includes the right to recall an employee from vacation.

Termination of employment prior to completion of thirteen (13) biweekly pay periods voids accrued vacation.

Upon termination, employees are paid for unused accrued vacation, except as outlined above.

Excerpted from: (Ord. No. 1837, 1(Art. 5, 502), 6-15-87; Ord. No. 2446, 4-20-92; Ord. No. 2868, 23, 3-4-96)

Medical Leave

Full-time regular and probationary employees on an active pay status accrue eight (8) hours of medical leave each month based on a universal benefit date. Medical leave may be taken only when earned.

Excerpted from: (Ord. No. 1837, 1(Art. 5, 503), 6-15-87; Ord. No. 2284, 6-4-90; Ord. No. 2868, 24, 3-4-96)

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If a death occurs in the immediate family of a benefited employee (except for 56-hour fire personnel), the employee may take bereavement leave, with pay, for up to three (3) consecutive working days. Bereavement leave is subject to supervisor approval.

56-hour fire personnel will be given two 24-hour shifts for bereavement leave.

Immediate family for bereavement leave is defined as mother (in-law), father (in-law), sister (in-law), brother (in-law), daughter (in-law), son (in-law), wife, husband, domestic partner, domestic partner's mother or father, domestic partner's child, stepchild, stepparent, grandchild, grandparent, or other person living in the household as a member of the family. Domestic partners must have an affidavit on file with Human Resources to qualify for bereavement leave for their partner, partner's parents or partner's child.

If needed, the employee must request and receive approval from the employee's supervisor to use two (2) additional days of medical leave for bereavement. For 56-hour fire personnel, one additional 24-hour shift of medical leave may be requested for bereavement purposes.

Excerpted from: (Ord. No. 1837, 1(Art. 5, 506), 6-15-87; Ord. No. 2868, 26, 3-4-96; Ord. No. 3617, 7, 3-4-96)

Produced by Human Resources:

This information represents a summary of benefits provided by the City of Scottsdale to benefited employees. Every effort has been made to report information accurately. All information, including the amount of any benefit and employee eligibility of benefits, is subject to and governed by the terms and conditions of the applicable policy or plan documents. In all cases where any of the information provided differs from the amount of benefit actually provided by the policy or plan, the terms of the legal documents will control.

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