Records Specialist

The Records Specialist performs customer service assistance to both internal and external customers, complex record keeping including compiling statistics, data entry, filing, proofreading, scanning, retrieval of police reports and other forms, maintenance of computerized records management system, queries state and national criminal justice information systems, and other clerical work as needed. Depending on the assignment, the Records Specialist may also make entries to state and national criminal justice information systems.

Salary Range for Records Specialist is $38,043.20 - $55,307.20 annually.

The Records Specialist position performs duties and responsibilities commensurate with assigned functional area within a department(s) which may include, but are not limited to, any combination of the following tasks:

  • Enters, queries, and retrieves information on various computer systems.
  • General clerical duties including typing, filing, and answering phones. Receiving and processing requests for information.
  • Completes all ACJIS functions following national and state mandates and instructions.
  • Provides customer service to the public, departmental personnel and other agencies
  • Operates computers and other equipment as assigned.
  • Responds to incoming telephone calls by routing them to the appropriate Section member or by researching various paper and computer files to respond to inquiries.
  • Handle situations which may occur with difficult persons either by telephone or personal contact.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


Dispatch Unit

  • Provides electronic records management support. Proofreads police documents for validity, accuracy and completeness. Enters, corrects, changes, retrieves, loads, downloads and updates information using an automated records management system.
  • Processes and distributes daily work.
  • Delivers various materials to courts and prosecutors.
  • Opens, sorts, distributes mail and processes mail requests.
  • Handles cash and prepares deposits.
  • Performs queries of information on computerized law enforcement databases; compares information and verifies correctness of information.
  • Scans documents into records management system. Verifies information, documents entry and indexes images. Provides quality control checks. Maintains equipment.
  • Ensures compliance with Records Retention processes, schedules and laws.
  • Redacts and provides reports according to policy.

Property & Evidence

  • Scans documents into records management system. Provides quality control checks. Maintains equipment.
  • Send emails to officers regarding the status of evidence, receives authorization to release/destroy, and requests confirmation of property ownership.
  • Issues 30 day letters to the owners of found/safekeeping/releasable evidence and tracks notifications.
  • Creates, organizes, and submits website notifications for unclaimed property and maintains these records in record management system and on Excel spreadsheet.
  • Performs criminal background checks.
  • Fulfills Chain of Custody requests from the COS Court.
  • Creates and manages Excel Spreadsheets as needed.
  • Prepares routine or standardized letters, memos, reports, and correspondence.
  • Assists technicians with projects as necessary.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


The computerized pre-employment test used by the Scottsdale Police Department measures skills and abilities a person needs to possess prior to any training they might receive if they are hired as a records specialist.

The test requires applicants to read and follow instructions, as well as listen over a headset. All tests are self-scoring.

The skills tested by the Scottsdale Police Department include the following:

  1. Data Entry - measures speed and accuracy in entering alpha and numeric data, including address and phone number.
  2. Numeric Filing - contains two parts: Part I test consecutive number recognition and Part II tests indexing accuracy.
  3. Keyboarding - measures typing speed and accuracy using a computer keyboard.
  4. Records Locating - measures the ability to locate information on a written list and to correctly/accurately respond using a keyboard. An address book is provided on the screen, and you must find requested data and enter it in the fields provided.
  5. Customer Service: Telephone - requires test takers to rate possible responses to the customer's issues raised during a telephone call.
Test Section Cutoff Score
Data Entry 3917 KPH
Numeric Filing 76%
Keyboarding 27 WPM
Record Locating 76%
Customer Service: Telephone 57%

Position Overview

Records Specialists perform a variety of duties that help support the work of sworn officers and other City of Scottsdale departments. Records specialists work four 10-hour shifts varyingbetween Monday - Friday from 0600-1830 hrs, and handle duties for both internal and external customers.

Internal Customers

  • Police officers
  • City and county courts and prosecutors
  • Other government agencies
  • Other City of Scottsdale departments and staff

External Customers

  • Crime victims
  • The public
  • Defense Attorneys

The job of a Records Specialist is fast paced and varied. Some of the duties performed daily are listed below:

  • Handle phone calls from both internal and external callers
  • Data entry (names and numbers)
  • Assist customer face-to-face at the customer service window
  • Criminal history inquiry research
  • Process paperwork associated with filing misdemeanor and felony charges
  • Process traffic, criminal, and parking citations
  • Conduct research to locate reports on microfiche
  • Scan documents
  • Produce documents using various law enforcement technology packages, and in compliance with laws and policies
  • Compile statistics
  • Attend meetings
  • Communicate with personnel from other city departments (court, prosecution, financial) and internal areas
  • Assist in training personnel on Records-related subjects
  • Assist with audit duties
  • Cashiering


The typical training for a Records Specialists lasts approximately 9-12 months. During this time the trainee rotates through the various tasks, taking on more responsibility as training progresses.  Since the trainee rotates to different trainers, the shift worked may also change.

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Contact Information

Scottsdale Police Department - Background Investigations Unit
P:  480-312-1943links to external site (for police department employment inquiries only)

The City of Scottsdale is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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