Position Overview

We are 9-1-1

9-1-1 professionals, also referred to as "dispatchers" or "call takers";, are often the first trained point of contact in an emergency. We are the lifeline between people calling for help and the officers who respond. We complete several tasks at the same time without skipping a beat.

As a Dispatcher, our work shifts can vary; days, evenings, weekends (24/7 operation). We provide customer service to a multitude of everyday callers and perform a variety of functions including:

  • receiving, evaluating, prioritizing and relaying calls for public safety assistance
  • dispatching appropriate units and coordinating response of emergency personnel
  • operating a variety of telecommunications equipment including radio, telephone and computer aided dispatch systems

There are many satisfying and rewarding aspects of the position, as dispatchers make significant contributions to the safety and welfare of our citizens and police officers.

The Hiring Process

  1. The recruitment process begins by completing an online application.
  2. Candidates who meet minimum requirements may be invited to continue in the selection process, which consists of the following steps:
    • Panel oral board interview
    • Background interview
  3. Those candidates who successfully complete through steps 1-3 above and meet the standards of the Scottsdale Police Department, may receive a conditional job offer which requires them to complete the last remaining steps:
    • Drug Test/Screening
    • Psychological Evaluation

Start the Application Process

The Scottsdale Police Personnel Unit reserves the right to change this process.

  • All test dates are tentative and subject to change.
  • Test dates may be cancelled on short notice.
  • Invitations to test may be rescinded at any time without advance notice.


View the job description, salary range and minimum qualifications for Communications Dispatcher.

Pay for experience may be considered.


  • Average training time of 9-11 months
  • 160 hours of classroom
    • Police Codes
    • Abbreviations
    • Geography
    • Policies
  • Up to 480 hours of live, one-on-one call taker training
  • Up to 560 hours of live, one-on-one radio training
  • Live one-on-one floor training with weekly evaluations

If this is a position you are interested in, know that there are many satisfying and rewarding aspects to the position.

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