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Scottsdale Police Officers are essential to the City of Scottsdale community - patrolling the city to protect life and property, preventing and deterring crime, enforcing laws and assisting our citizens. Some officers serve in specialized units or in special assignments.

Minimum requirements include a high school diploma or GED; applicants must be U.S. citizens and age 20 years and 6 months at the time of application.

The process for new recruits

The recruitment process for police officers begins by completing an online application – available on the city’s Jobs page.

Those who meet minimum qualifications may be invited to complete both a background questionnaire and background interview ("background investigation phase").  The background investigation phase also includes a polygraph examination, physical fitness and written assessments, and an oral board interview.

Those who complete all of these background steps to satisfaction may be given a conditional job offer, after which a medical examination, psychological evaluation and drug/alcohol screenings are completed (pursuant to Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Traininglinks to external site requirements as specified in Arizona Administrative Code:  R13-4-107).  A re-fitness assessment must also be completed at the time of a conditional job offer, which consists of a minimum of 15 push-ups (no time limit), 25 sit-ups (no time limit) and a 3-mile run completed in under 30:00 minutes without stopping or walking any portion. 

If those steps are completed successfully, candidates will be given a final job offer – the entire process can take up to 12-weeks.

The Scottsdale Police Personnel Unit reserves the right to change this process.

The Police Academy

Those candidates who make it through the entire process are hired as Police Officer Trainees and paid entry-level salary while attending an 24-26 week police academy. Upon satisfactory completion of the academy, the trainee is sworn in as a fully certified Police Officer, and begins approximately twenty weeks of field training. 

Trainees serve an 18-month probationary period from the date of hire.

Laterals (candidates from other Arizona law enforcement agencies)

The Scottsdale Police Department hires qualified candidates who are currently State of Arizona certified police officers (preference: 1 year of experience working as a peace officer in municipal policing within the Unites States, or U.S. Territories, within the last three years). Candidates must meet the minimum requirements of the position and complete a police officer lateral/waiver application.

The selection process is similar to that for new recruits, and includes a background investigation, oral board interview, physical assessment, as well as a medical examination, psychological evaluation and drug/alcohol screening but does not include a written assessment.

Waivers (candidates from out-of-state law enforcement agencies)

The Scottsdale Police Department hires qualified candidates who are currently out-of-state certified police officers. Potential waiver candidates must be successful in all phases of the police officer hiring process outlined above (background investigation, oral board interview, physical assessment, medical examination, psychological evaluation and drug/alcohol screening) and meet the following criteria to be considered for a waiver position:

  • Candidates must have graduated from a state approved basic Police Officer training academy; AND,  
  • Candidates must have at least one year of post academy experience as a certified peace officer. 
  • Selection for the waiver process also requires the approval of Arizona P.O.S.T. links to external site and passing the waiver examination, shooting qualification, Emergency Vehicle Operators Course (EVOC) and Police Officer Physical Abilities Test (POPAT). 
  • Candidates not accepted for the waiver process or those who do not successfully complete the waiver process are required to attend and pass the basic police academy.

Out-of-state waiver candidates should plan on a minimum of two visits to Arizona (at candidate's expense) to complete the  background investigation phase including physical fitness assessment, and conditional testing process.

Pay for Experience - Step Pay Program for Police Officer Recruits, Laterals & Waivers (effective 09/11/22)


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Contact Information

Scottsdale Police Department - Background Investigations Unit
P:  480-312-1943links to external site
spdpersonnel@ScottsdaleAZ.gov (for Scottsdale P.D. employment inquiries only)

The City of Scottsdale is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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