1. The second plan review of the improvement plans must be completed prior to application for a preliminary permit.
  2. All substantial grading and drainage related issues associated with a project have been resolved to the satisfaction of the engineering review.
  3. The project owner must submit a letter to the city requesting the preliminary permit, acknowledging that the city will not be responsible for subsequent changes to the project, and an explicit commitment to bring the project into compliance with the final approved plans.
  4. A preliminary grading permit for a subdivision requires City Council approval of the final plat for the project. This requirement may be waived if approval is obtained from the Planning and Development Services General Manager. Preliminary grading permits may be issued prior to staff’s approval of ap of Dedication (MOD) for projects with an MOD.
  5. A Native Plant Permit must be issued prior to the issuance of a preliminary grading permit. The Native Plant Permit number shall be placed on the improvement plans submitted for the preliminary grading permit.
  6. A Haul Route Permit must be obtained, if applicable, prior to issuance of the preliminary grading permit.
  7. The application for a Stormwater Storage Waiver must be approved, if applicable.
  8. The completed No Conflict signature box must be placed on the cover sheet, signed and dated and all applicable No Conflict letters submitted.
  9. A copy of the AZPDES Notice of Intent (NOI) must be provided, as applicable.
  10. A completed Section 404 Certification form shall be provided; and if applicable, a copy of the permit from the US Army Corps of Engineers.
  11. Any other project specific requirements necessary for the City to issue a final grading permit.


  • 3 full size sets of grading plans (24 inches x 36 inches)
  • The permit request letter
  • Any other necessary information listed in the requirements


Review and approval by Engineering, Planning and Fire, as applicable, is required. The review for preliminary permit is an expedited review; as such, the applicant must pay expedited review fees based on the hourly rate. The decision to approve a preliminary grading permit is at the discretion of the engineering reviewer based on the requirements listed above and on the nature of the project in general. The expedited review rate must be paid even if the preliminary grading permit is not approved.

Last Updated: Jul 16, 2024

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