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Should you experience any technical difficulties while registering for this Business Portal, please contact Garrett Smith 480-312-2477.

Landlord Direct Deposit/ACH

The City of Scottsdale is happy to announce that we are now offering Direct Deposit! The best way to ensure prompt and safe payments. Please click here to download the form. Once complete, submit with a voided check/deposit slip to SHA Finance.

Landlord Information

Owners who wish to lease their unit to an eligible Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) family, should notify the Scottsdale Housing Agency (SHA). The SHA will maintain a Courtesy Property listing of such owners and their properties and provide this listing when available to the HCV families that are searching for a unit. To get your property listed please contact Ethan Whitman at (480) 312-7726.

For more information regarding Landlord responsibilities for the HCV program please review our Landlord Information Packet.

Inspection Information

There are four (4) types of inspections that can be performed to verify Housing Quality Standards (HQS) compliance.

  1. Initial Inspection - this is performed when the unit is vacant, prior to the tenant moving in.  All utilities must be turned on, and the inspector must have access to the unit itself, and all common areas. The inspector will examine the exterior of the building, the plumbing and heating/cooling systems, the exits, and each room in the unit to make sure it is safe, clean, and in good condition, in accordance with HQS.

    A family will not be allowed to rent your unit until it passes a HQS Inspection.  If there are items in  the unit that fail the inspection standards, the necessary repairs will need to be made and the unit re-inspected prior to the tenant moving in and signing the lease.

    Once the unit passes the Initial Inspection, the tenant will be allowed to sign the lease and move in.
  2. Annual Inspection - this is performed every year to verify that the tenant and landlord are keeping the unit in good condition and following HQS, as stated above.

    If the unit fails this inspection, the landlord must make all the repairs within a specific time frame.   If the repairs are not completed within the specified time frame the housing agency can abate the unit.  This means that the SHA's portion of rent paid to the landlord will be stopped until the unit complies with HQS.
  3. Special Inspection – this is performed when the tenant or landlord request an inspection for a certain item in the unit.
  4. Quality Control Inspection – this inspection is performed at any time, at the discretion of the SHA, to ensure HQS compliance.

If you have any questions regarding your inspection or you need to reschedule your inspection, please contact the inspector Martin Lara-Reyes at 480-312-2520.

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