CamerEyes Registry

The City of Scottsdale Police Department and Neighborhood Watch program have partnered to create a new resource for citizens to assist in crime prevention and crime solving efforts. Citizens and businesses may voluntarily register their personal security camera systems in the CamerEyes registry.

Registration is completely voluntary and can be withdrawn at any time. The Police Department will not have direct access to your cameras, nor are you obligated to provide video, if asked. CamerEyes is available to all Scottsdale residents and businesses at no cost.

Following a crime, police employees often go door-to-door to seek any cameras in the area. This process is time consuming and can delay the apprehension of the criminal at large. CamerEyes would allow law enforcement to sign into the confidential database to ascertain who has cameras in the area and volunteered to be contacted by our employees to obtain this vital information and move forward with their investigation in a timely manner.


I have cameras at my residence and/or business in Scottsdale, do I have to register them in CamerEyes?

No. Registering with the program is strictly voluntary and you may remove yourself from the program at any time by submitting a cancellation form through Scottsdale EZ.

Who can see my information?

Only an approved (by the Assistant Chief) group of Police Department employees will have access to the database, as well as a limited group of IT staff for database management and maintenance.

Will the Police Department have access into my camera system?

No. Absolutely no system sign-on information will be collected in CamerEyes. The database will contain only your basic contact information. If necessary, the Police Department will contact you directly to request the appropriate video surveillance footage. Even after registration, you are under no obligation to provide any surveillance video to the City of Scottsdale.

What cameras should I register?

Doorbell cameras, exterior cameras, interior cameras that would potentially capture images of a person or vehicle outside your home could all be valuable to investigators.

Will you need specific camera information such as make, model, serial number?

No. As mentioned above, only your basic contact information will be collected.

Officer Curtis Pocklington
Crime Prevention Officer
McKellips District
Officer Evan Polasky
Crime Prevention Officer
Downtown Section
Officer Brian Hartman
Crime Prevention Officer
Via Linda District
Officer Robert Katzaroff
Crime Prevention Officer
Foothills District
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