Written Test Information for Police Officer Recruit/Trainee

The test administered consists of:Written Test Picture

1. Entry Level Police Officer Examination:

Candidates are given an Entry Level Police Officer Examination.  This test consists of approximately 170 questions and applicants are allotted just over two hours to complete this assessment. This examination evaluates the candidate’s:

  • Accuracy of observation
  • Short term memory 
  • Reading comprehension 
  • Written communication 

There is no study guide available for this test.

For additional recruitment information, please contact the Police Personnel Unit at 480-312-1943links to external site.

The Scottsdale Police Personnel Unit reserves the right to change this process.

All tests occur during the background investigation phase.  The tests will be conducted monthly and coordinated with candidate's background investigator.  Test dates may be cancelled on short notice.  Invitations to the tests may be rescinded at any time without advance notice.

Contact Information

Background Investigations Unit
P:  480-312-HIRE (4473)

For Scottsdale P.D. employment inquiries, email [email protected]

The City of Scottsdale is an Equal Opportunity Employer