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Victim Services, Audit No. 2305

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The audit of Victim Services was included on the City Council-approved fiscal year 2022/23 Audit Plan. The audit objective was to evaluate Victim Services operations, such as resources, notifications, referrals and advocacy assistance provided. During audit planning, the audit scope was refined to a review of the victim notification process because of state law protecting advocate and victim communication as well as system limitations.

The audit found that generally advocates contacted victims to inform them of their legal rights and notified them of court proceedings when requested. However, a few exceptions were noted where missing information may delay these notifications. Based on data analysis of victim services cases and review of 24 selected cases (14 selected judgmentally and 10 randomly), we observed that missing victim forms or other information can impact the department’s ability to provide timely notifications.  

  • Of the 24 cases reviewed, 8 had delays in the initial notifications and files did not contain pre-conviction rights forms from Police.
  • Requiring victim signatures on these Police forms could also delay the invocation of rights.
  • Incorrect or outdated victim contact information impacted about 20% of cases.
  • In 1 case, several notifications for court proceedings were not sent after the victim invoked. Improvements to data captured by the information system could allow for quality review and reporting.

Additionally, system controls and automation could improve data reliability and privacy, and opportunities exist to streamline the notification process.


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