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The current and the last four calendar years of audit reports are linked below. Audit reports since the Office's inception in 1988 are also available in the City Clerk's Archived Documents.

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What's New

Risk Management Services, Audit No. 2306

The audit found that identification of safety risk exposures could be improved by formalizing a facility inspection program and more comprehensive reviews of job hazards. Improvements to workers’ compensation claims, emergency planning, and employee engagement could strengthen employee safety programs. Additionally, data could be leveraged to further assess the effectiveness of safety programs and allocation of resources.
Victim Services, Audit No. 2305

We found that improvements can be made to ensure victims are timely informed of their rights and notified of court proceedings. Additionally, system controls and automation could be implemented to improve data reliability and privacy, and opportunities exist for streamlining the notification process.
Ransomware Readiness Assessment, Audit No. 2303

The assessment identified several areas that can be matured to help improve the City’s ability to respond to a ransomware event. Recommendations were made to improve the City’s ransomware readiness.
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