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WestWorld Operations, Audit No. 2209
This audit of WestWorld Operations was performed to evaluate management controls and the effectiveness of marketing, event contracts, billing, expenses, and other operational aspects, primarily during fiscal years 2020/21 and 2021/22. The audit found that negotiated facility rates do not consider the event labor hours, and rate and fee information does not accurately evaluate cost recovery. Also, opportunities exist to improve facility use monitoring, marketing, billing, and RV processes.
Purchasing Card Controls, Audit No. 2205
Purchasing card documentation requirements need to be enforced and monitoring practices can be strengthened. Over the past couple of years, a significant number of purchasing card logs were not submitted by cardholders or timely reviewed by supervisors. Other aspects of program administration could also be improved to strengthen purchasing card controls.
Wireless Network Security, Audit No. 2203
Overall, the security, encryption and authentication protocols that have been implemented were at acceptable levels for enterprise class wireless networks. Our audit consultant, BerryDunn, provided recommendations to enhance the City’s wireless security posture.
City Clerk Operations, Audit No. 2207
This audit was conducted to evaluate the operations of the City Clerk’s office, which include giving notice and keeping records of City Council meetings and actions and administering the records management program, legal postings, and municipal elections.
Parks and Recreation Resource Management, Audit No. 2208
This audit was conducted to evaluate Parks and Recreation departmental operations related to field and pool use. Field and pool resource management can be improved by standardizing processes, narrowing maintenance windows, and configuring the recreation management system effectively. Also, the system can be better configured to help ensure correct aquatic fees are charged. As well, cost recovery analysis used to set rates and fees for pools and fields should be more complete.
E-Verify Compliance Audit FY 2020/21, Audit No. 2202
State law requires the city to randomly verify that its service contractors and their subcontractors use the federal E-Verify program to confirm the employment eligibility of their employees working on city contracts. Based on their submitted records, the selected city contractors and their selected subcontractors generally used the federal E-Verify program. However, three subcontractors did not provide the required documentation for a total of five employees.
Crime Reporting Statistics, Audit No. 2007
This audit was conducted to evaluate the Scottsdale Police Department’s controls over and reliability of crime statistics reporting. Based on our review of incident data and the department's quality review process, crime statistics were generally reported accurately, though some quality control processes could be improved. Some aspects of crime reporting can also be improved, such as establishing written procedures, documenting changes to the statute mapping, and presenting crime statistics on the department website.
Coronado Golf Course Lease, Audit No. 2113
This audit was conducted to evaluate contract compliance and effectiveness of contract administration. Remedial actions have not been taken despite the golf course operator's noncompliance with lease terms. The operator had not made the first lease payment, which was due in July 2021, and did not provide transaction records for this audit. Further, the operator had not timely addressed past safety and maintenance issues. As well, the City's contract file should be more complete and organized.
Destination Marketing Contract, Audit No. 2206
This audit was conducted to evaluate contract compliance, effectiveness, and administration of the destination marketing contract with Experience Scottsdale. The destination marketing contact can be strengthened by addressing more operating risks. As well, contract terms are not sufficient to limit administrative costs and maximize the destination marketing programs. Further, performance monitoring activities can better ensure focus on the City’s objectives and contract compliance.
SUSD Hohokam Bond Project, Audit No. 2116
Conducted for the Scottsdale Unified School District through an intergovernmental agreement, this audit reviewed contract administration, including procurement, project management, contract compliance, and cost-effectiveness, for the Hohokam Elementary School renovation and construction project, largely funded by voter-approved bonds. The final audit report was presented to SUSD’s Audit Committee and Governing Board in October 2021.
External Quality Control Review of the City Auditor’s Office, Report No. 2105
Who audits the auditors? A team of independent experienced auditors assigned by the Association of Local Government Auditors (ALGA). Their review, completed in October 2021, determined the City Auditor’s Office was in full compliance with Government Auditing Standards during the three years reviewed, January 2018 through December 2020.

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