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Risk Management Services, Audit No. 2306
The audit found that identification of safety risk exposures could be improved by formalizing a facility inspection program and more comprehensive reviews of job hazards. Improvements to workers’ compensation claims, emergency planning, and employee engagement could strengthen employee safety programs. Additionally, data could be leveraged to further assess the effectiveness of safety programs and allocation of resources.
Victim Services, Audit No. 2305
We found that improvements can be made to ensure victims are timely informed of their rights and notified of court proceedings. Additionally, system controls and automation could be implemented to improve data reliability and privacy, and opportunities exist for streamlining the notification process.
Ransomware Readiness Assessment, Audit No. 2303
The assessment identified several areas that can be matured to help improve the City’s ability to respond to a ransomware event. Recommendations were made to improve the City’s ransomware readiness.
Emergency Management Services, Audit No. 2307
Our audit of Emergency Management Services found that the City’s Emergency Operation Plan and Continuity of Operations Plans have not been reviewed and updated. Emergency preparedness training should be expanded and monitoring of existing training requirements could be improved. Additionally, Emergency Management’s role in special events planning can be better defined and processes should be standardized to allow the department to more efficiently guide special event teams.
SUSD Human Resources, Audit No. 2311
Improvements to HR data reliability and availability could better inform the District’s recruitment and retention strategies and allow for performance monitoring. Increased monitoring and oversight of some recruitment activities are also needed. As well, standardizing and streamlining procedures could help address workload pressures and allow the department to move towards its strategic goals.
Biennial Certified Audit of LUA IIP Development Fees - Report 2304
A biennial certified audit was conducted of the city’s land use assumptions, infrastructure improvements plan and development impact fees.
E-Verify Compliance Audit FY 2021-22, Audit No. 2302
State law requires the city to randomly verify that its service contractors and their subcontractors use the federal E-Verify program to confirm the employment eligibility of their employees working on city contracts. Based on their submitted records, the selected city contractors and subcontractors generally used the federal E-Verify program. However, one contractor and one subcontractor did not provide the required documentation for a total of two employees.

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